Saturday, June 18, 2011

This is what I do

The last time we saw the family, a new addition had arrived.  The following is a pictorial update from the Seitch.  The first is Brogurt smiling at light, which is his favorite waking pasttime.

Next you see here, Lemur attempting to encourage Brogurt through his "neck-ups."

And his efforts come to fruition.  At three weeks old.  He's my strong little sandworm!

Also, Lemur was baptised.  It was a hectic, crazy, beautiful experience.  He was a brave little man and made the choice on his own.  Muad'Dib sang a prepared song, and I sang an impromptu duet with my dad while they changed clothes.

It was wonderful to be surrounded by so many supporting family members.  I wish we'd not been in such a rush, so I could have taken more pictures.   But Rivulet had the flue, and we were anxious to get back to her. (Thanks to Uncle Scott for watching her!)

Here, we were lucky enough to be joined by my Uncle and Grandma for the special occasion!

 Lemur poses with little brother.  He is so proud to be the "big one." 

Here is Rivulet cuddling the Brogue at 6 weeks of age.  She loves him more and more, as he becomes more fun...

And Lemur is proud that he can hold Brogurt up on his shoulder.

How do I make such good looking babies?!
Though he has an intense case of cradle cap, his baby acne is finally clearing up, to be replaced by heat rash, apparently.  He's still so handsome!

And of course, there has been some playtime with the older siblings, though it might only last a few minutes.  On this occasion, Rivulet and I made a picture of a little boy, and little girl and their dog under a blue sky with a red bird and dragonfly.  Can you see all that?  Blockus has many uses.  :)

Muad'Dib and I also had a chance to shoot photos for a wedding (I'll post a few later) and I was able to do some headshots for a friend.  It was fun to be behind the lens again, if only for an hour...

So that's the update.

All is well. I need to do a LOT of work in the yard, but as yet have not been able to get the bairn to nap for more than twenty minutes if I'm not holding him.  No complaints, though.  I'd much rather cuddle my baby than prune bushes and weed beds. 
Oh!  Funny story:  Yesterday I took the kids to a park with a friend.  We were having a lovely time, and began packing up to leave when I heard a scream:  "No! NO!!! Not in the water!  Someone HELP!" 
My first fear was that a child had fallen in the swollen stream.  It was Lemur screaming and I soon discovered the lost item was not a person: it was his beloved Donkey Kong Truck; the one he'd recieved for his 6th birthday and played with nearly every sunny day since we've lived here. 
I knew how much the truck meant to him, as we had discussed it's uses and significance just a few hours ago on the ride over.  So I tossed down my diaper bag (with phone), sprinted across the bridge and asked where the car was.  He told me where it had fallen, and that it had bounced a little further down before he had lost sight of it in the murkey waters.
I remembered this stream.  We'd played here many times in the last six years.  I knew how deep the water was.... I was wearing my water-proof hiking sandals.  So only moments after the scream, I was wading into the stream supported by a large branch for a walking stick. 
Not two steps in, the creek bed gave way and I fell in UP TO MY NECK!! 
The recent flooding had not left this stream unscathed: apparently it had torn away at the floor of the stream, making a very deep pool where once I could have walked from one side to the other without getting my pants wet above the knee!!
Well, I recovered my balance in the deep and swift water and could barely breathe enough to warn other kids NOT to venture in to help me search.  Luckily, the chattering of my teeth was all the warning they needed.  I combed the murky depths, but to no avail. 
The kids even thought they saw something, but it turned out to be a red golf ball lodged in the shallows of a large rock.  So the truck was gone.
Did I mention that there was a group setting up for a wedding at the park and that they were witness to my crazy venture into a flooded stream to save a TOY?!  Yeah...
Though it was a very Sayyadina thing to do - going willy nilly into water -
I felt awful foolish...
Until I came out to embrace my crying 8 year old and through his tears he said, "Mom, I'm so grateful that you tried.  I'll never forget that you tried.  I'll never forget that you went into the water for me."

Hey.  I'm the mom. This is what I do...