Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Sister's Wedding Day

Yesterday Auntie became Mrs. Bredthaur.  Or, as her previous students said it, "Mrs. Scottie Hottie."

Here are some pictures Muad'Dib was able to take of the day's events:

Rivulet's hair in the morning.
Lemur at the Temple.  Please note the missing front tooth.  It fell out as he slept the night before ! :)
My Little Cinderella . . .

The kids giving Muad'Dib a "real smile."
Cousins and family galore!  Even Little Brother was able to come in from Maine! Can you find his laughing, smiling face?

Here Lemur shows us his future "Calvin Klein" modeling capabilities.

I was SO glad to see my Grandma!  It was a surprise to us all that she made it there!

The Temple

The kids had their meltdown earlier in the day. In fact, what you see of Lemur below was just the beginning. He didn't smile for ANY of the wedding pictures until I was able to take him aside and explain to him that he wasn't a player in this production. He was a prop. He was like the stick I used as the Witch. All he needed to do was be where we told him to be and smile like he meant it.

Somehow, that's what got through to him.  Everything was fine after that.


Then at the reception, Muad'Dib did a photo shoot with my older brother and his darling wife.

And here are some of the Bridal Pictures I took of AJ up in Afton, Wyoming.
Most of these were displayed on the tables at the reception.  But a few had a more special setting.
Wildman (my brother-in-law) made some beautiful frames which housed these pictures.

What made the frames super awesome was that they were made of wood that was once used as the roof of the barn on the Michaelson Family Homestead, a barn that was built by our Great-grandfather. 

AJ had always wanted her Bridals taken on the Ranch.  We both have always felt very strongly about Afton; a deep sense of home, of past connected with present and blooming with future.

This is AJ's favorite picture.  "The One" as we call it.  This picture will hang in her new home, forever encased in the beautiful heirloom barn-wood frame. 

My sister is MARRIED! 
It was SUCH an incredible day.  This has been such an incredible YEAR!!!
Not only did she finish school, get her Masters Degree, and go to China, she also fell in love, had someone love her - become devoted to her! -, she got engaged to this wonderful man, and yesterday she married him.  And all on the same day, she became Lucy's 'Nother Mother.   I don't like saying she's the "New mother."  Lucy's mother is never far.  AJ is not replacing.  She is adding to.  And I stand in awe of her ability to be a good mother.  I mean, right off the bat: jumping in on motherhood without the incubation period, without the cuddly infant years, just right in there at the Terrible Two's and into Three-hood.  If anyone doesn't know the full story, I may have to share it. 

For the time being, though, I'm just filled with so much love!  I sobbed in the temple.  I sobbed at the luncheon and I ran myself ragged during the reception to avoid sobbing.  Then I watched my sister walk to her car, hand in hand with her husband and I could not keep tears of joy at bay. 

Scott is wonderful!  Lucy is wonderful!  The day was bright and glorious and filled with all good things.  I am just ever so happy for my beloved sister.  I am sobbing again.  How wonderful!


Lori said...

congrats to your sister. looks like a beautiful day!

CowboyBob said...

A beautiful bride, and beautiful kids. Result: beautiful photos to hold beautiful memories.

Julie said...

I am so sad I wasn't there. Thankful for the pictures!!! And I love stories like hers! Gives me some hope!!! Miss you and sad I didn't get to see you guys when I was there!!!!!!!!!!

Desertbound said...

Yes! Absolutely Wonderful!