Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

A few years ago, a friend of mine made an interesting parallel.

While discussing her past two marriages, she said, "Well, Snow White is my favorite fairy tale." When I further inquired what that had to do with anything at all, she relayed a theory to me: That women live their favorite fairy tale, complete with picking men like the prince in said fairy tale.

She, for example had chosen two men that she barely knew, who required a good deal of housecleaning before they would be kind to her. And she would watch all her nieces and nephews and so forth, without ever thinking of asking for payment. She felt she was living her fairy tale well.

It was easy for me to answer when she asked me what my favorite was.

My emotionally favorite Disney movie, and in fact favorite Fairy Tale, is The Sleeping Beauty. This love has gone so far as to almost name my daughter Aurora Nylie, rather than the name she currently possesses. (Yay for a rational husband!)

I have always desired long hair, to be like Aurora. I have always wanted to have a beautiful voice, to be like Aurora. I have always loved singing out doors above all other displays of my talent, to be like Aurora. I have a tendency to collect baskets; just in case some berries need picking.

And I usually put myself to sleep with the image of myself as a sleeping beauty in a tall tower overlooking the ocean

Of the women I have spoken to about this theory, not a single one of them sided with me. They want to be like Belle and tame the Beast. Or to be like Jasmine and break free of their really spoiled surroundings. They feel put upon and like Cinderella desire to be saved merely by riches. Some want to save their men, like the Disney Pocahontas, or Mulan. Others feel themselves unworthy of love, and will thereby sacrifice themselves to show it, like Meg. And still others love the idea of leaving their families for a prince, and giving up who they are to be accepted. You can see why I don't have a high opinion of the other princesses. I find fault with not necessarily their choice in men, but most often with their choices of how to obtain their men.

I wanted to be chosen! For my beauty, for my talents, for the feeling of strength and peace I could offer a man.

I loved the idea of a man being chosen by my Father, who would, on his own, also chose me, and I him. We would dance. We would sing together, we would enjoy the outdoors and he would overcome all manner of obstacles simply to secure me forever! He would be my hero.

Of course, I have heard the argument that Sleeping Beauty has very little personality. BUT let's consider that the movie, and in fact the fairy tale, focus on her opposition rather than on her. It was assumed from day one that she could not handle the truth of her life or the curse that hung over it. If someone had just said, "Hey, be sure you don't touch any spindles, or you'll die." I have a feeling she'd have stayed away from that glowing green spindle! And, she was smart enough to fall in love with Phillip, who was an awesome guy. So she can't have been all that dumb.

So, say what you will about my Sleeping Beauty like tendencies, but it cannot be denied that at the end of the day I am super smart if for no other reason than that I chose Muad'Dib. And I can't be all bad, because even aware of my 'curses,' dragons' 'enemies' and odd perceptions: that manly prince of a man also chose ME!

So, what's your favorite fairy tale?


stacy said...

how funny that you would do a entire blog about sleeping beauty. i recently took a princess test and my results were that i was most like sleeping beauty. i will have to find the test and send it to you. it was really fun!

Fedaykin said...

Hmm. Ahh. Hmm. Interesting, I had heard your theory before but never in so much detail. I suppose impressionable skulls full of mush would be socialized to their favorite movie. But their genetic/spiritual identity would surely predispose them to one above the rest. I surmise that the environment of their house would be the single largest factor in that disposition. If their mother was the Belle type who married a Beast, surely they will follow suit. I've seen that a hundred times. So which Prince would I be?

Sayyadina said...

Actually, my mother is a Cindrella. So now what?

Which fairy tale speaks to you? Are you a man who must be tamed, or released from his conception of self, or do you wish to save the maiden?

Muad'Dib says: which corner of the drama triangle are YOU?
But that's not what I mean.

Wildman said...

fedaykin, you would be Ariel...

I want more of Toby...

Welcome back sayadina...

The Wellers said...

Hey, so Jed's sister Whitney is getting married- crazy I know! Anyway, they found an apartment in a 4-plex close to you and I'm wondering if their going to be in your new ward. I'm not sure exactly where you live but anyway...let me know what ward you're in and we'll have to figure it out.....if you want to just email me haha then we aren't posting all of your addresses and such on your blog ;)

CowboyBob said...

Someone will have to help me see the differences in the princes. They all seemed pretty generic to me.

Sayyadina said...

BOB! I am shocked! Only two of the princes were nameless and faceless, but both showed much power of intuition to find women and by intuition and inspiration alone recognized that they were women worth loving! And the others have distinct personalities that help attract them to specific women. Although it is interesting that most Disney adaptations do not deal much with the men of the telling. I wonder why that is?