Monday, April 2, 2012

Okay, so It's been a while.  Here is an update fromWit's End.
The kids are doing well in school at the Montessori.  The like their teachers, their classmates and the work.  Lemur is reading up a storm and Rivulet has become quite the artist.  She's also doing much better with numbers.  She is quite the social butterfly.
And also, in or around October, Caleb entered an essay contest and his essay placed 2nd, winning him bragging rights and a check for a tidy sum.  So proud of him!

In early December the kids and I attended a Christmas party for my Dad's company.  We bowled, ate pizza, played in the arcade and sang karaoke.  SUPER FUN.  Below is Lemur rocking out.  He sang Ghostbusters. 

My brother, John, had gotten a job that took him to Pheonix while his wife and daughter hung around at home in Colorado which sounds awful.  The sivler lining was that I got to see much more of his wife and my neice.  I loved it.  This is them at Christmas.

About a month later, Brogurt is showing Tessa the ropes.  He kept trying to grab her large, beautiful cheeks.  So cute!

Here is my other neice, Lucy, as she and River helped take down the Christmas tree at my mom's house.  I think this was mid January....

Same day: My sweet sister Ariane with her adorable son, Jack.  Love this pic.

And I just love Emily and Tessa so much, here's another one of them.  Tessa resembles John as a baby.  But prettier.

Skip ahead to the end of February and Lemur's very first Pinwood Derby.  Yeah, that's my boy. 

His is the one closest to the camera, with an N+ symbol painted above the flames.  It was so fun! He placed 7th out of 21 boys.  Not too shabby.

Fast forward again to March and we find ourselves on our first trip to the Ogden Canyon Natural Hot Springs.  Great fun for all.  Even Brogurt was able to enjoy the bathtub-warm waters. 

Now we are to the end of March.  Brogurt has been aching to go outside and finally it is warm enough to enjoy the deck and newly accessible lawn.  He goes for a walk with Daddy. He's been crawling about a month - SO FAST.
Lemur doesn't have homework at the Montessori except for a monthly report where he can research  and give an oral report on anything that interests him.  His previous two were on Newton's first law of motion (Inertia), and Static Electricity. But in March the teacher gave a guideline: It had to be on a person, place or animal from North America.  Muad'Dib got the grand idea of doing a report on the Bonneville Salt Flats....because we thought it was relatively close.  Learning is fun.

So last Sunday we drove to the Salt Flats.  Below is Lemur batteling the wind.  And loving it.

And here he is marking the horizon, which was one of his talking points during the report.

And we couldn't help snapping a family picture.  For the record, Lemur is trying to catch wind in his shirt and Rivulet is water-bending.  I am doing Jazz hands and Muad'Dib is rocking the trophy-hold.  Brogurt is just trying to breathe in the wind.  I love our family.

He was much happier on the ground, until the sharp salt cut his little hands.  Didn't keep him from sucking down a little of the salt, though...

This picture is out of order, but it marks the fact that Uncle Pillbug was here with us through Thanksgiving and Christmas, a blessing I was quite grateful for.  Here he is at Gardner Village with his girlfriend (so sweet!) and Brogurt who loved them both.  Good times.

So that's what we've been up to in pictures.  Muad'Dib is working on his book with Fedaykin.  I am culturing the Brogurt and trying to be a good mother and wife.  I continue working for my Dad and my mom has gotten a job with Ogden School District. 
All is well.  We're still alive.  And tonight we will eat turkey burgers.  Yes, all is well.