Saturday, December 23, 2006

Bath Time

This morning, River was all ready for her bath, Liam was in his bath and - wouldn't you know it - River had somehow outgrown her infant tub practially over night.

So I got out the old bath seat and let them have a bath together. Although Liam will soon be too old to do this, it was still precious. He first off tried to tell River what colors were on the seat.

Liam was so excited to play with River and show her the bubbles. River went to town, kicking her little feet in the water. I love watching my children together! They are like best friends already. Even when Liam got some water in River's eyes. He reached for a towel to wipe it out and she just laughed, looking up at her big brother with so much love in her eyes.

Only Four Months Old!

No, this is photo has not been altered: that is my daughter sitting unaided at only FOUR MONTHS of age. Just had to boast.

Building 'Sweet' Memories

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Liam. He came home one day after he and his cousins had been to see "Happy Feet" (which is adorable). All he wanted in the world was to build his very first "Candy House", or to the rest of you: a Gingerbread House. Now, he had never built one before. His dear cousins decided it would be fun to help him. Much fun and bonding continued with this little group.

Liam was so happy that he went to bed that night asking if he could sleep with the Candy House, and asking when 'Caywa', Brynn and Quincy could come again.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006


Me and my daughter. Wow. I have a daughter. It was weird to have a son, but now I have a DAUGHTER!!! And look how gorgeous she is! I'll admit, I was just like every other woman and wondered if I could love another child like I love the first . . . and I've learned, just like every other woman, that the heart expands to fit the children we bear. I actually love more because of my children. Watching Liam try to make River laugh. Hearing her laugh. Seeing how River looks at Liam. Their love for eachother is apparent. I am so lucky to have these wonderful kids that are already friends. Tonight, they fell asleep on me. Today was the kind of day I would dream up when I would envision being a mother. Baking, warmth, laughter, cuddeling, singing . . . this is my life and my home, thanks to my husband and my children. Once again I wish there was a single word that could express what I am feeling, since all the other words at my disposal fail to capture it.

First Family Pictures

Caleb, Liam, River and Chelsea Nelson December 2, 2006

We have been a family of four for four months. Last week, we finally took the pictures to prove it. Thanks to Bob for helping us out, and thanks to Judy for the delicious lunch beforehand.

Friday, December 1, 2006

First Snow 2006

Two days ago we had our first good snowfall. So first thing in the morning, I bundle up my kids and let them play in the snow. Liam was so excited.

He was singing "Once there was a snow man" and throwing snow at me, laughing all the while.
River was a little less excited. She doesn't mind the cold, but she sure hates to wear a hat. Remember the kid in "The Christmas Story"? That was River in this little outfit. She basically just laid there like a slug: it was her only defense.