Tuesday, December 5, 2006


Me and my daughter. Wow. I have a daughter. It was weird to have a son, but now I have a DAUGHTER!!! And look how gorgeous she is! I'll admit, I was just like every other woman and wondered if I could love another child like I love the first . . . and I've learned, just like every other woman, that the heart expands to fit the children we bear. I actually love more because of my children. Watching Liam try to make River laugh. Hearing her laugh. Seeing how River looks at Liam. Their love for eachother is apparent. I am so lucky to have these wonderful kids that are already friends. Tonight, they fell asleep on me. Today was the kind of day I would dream up when I would envision being a mother. Baking, warmth, laughter, cuddeling, singing . . . this is my life and my home, thanks to my husband and my children. Once again I wish there was a single word that could express what I am feeling, since all the other words at my disposal fail to capture it.

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