Saturday, November 17, 2007

I submit:

I have decided that a new phrase needs coining.

In the spirit of Brain Poop, Emotional Vomit, and Gushing, I submit:

A Heart Sneeze.

Unlike it's brothers, a heart sneeze is incredibly desireable every day. Every moment of every day, actually. It is recognized by its odd symptoms: an uncomfortable tickling as it creeps upon you while you wonder with baited breath: "Will it really happen, or will it go away leaving me with simply the desire for sneezy greatness?" When it does come to full fruition, the impact is remarkable: Blinding release of joy: sometimes all at once, while other times followed by another or a third like burst (depending on the original level of joy). Then one is left with the incredible satisfaction. The peace after a storm of excitement, as it were.

This is my creation. And I continue to endeavor to experience it daily. hourly, if I'm not too tired.

Also, I have decided not to employ anger as my thug. He instead will be reserved only for moments of true outrage for crimes against my person or the safety of my family.

Instead I take it upon myself to learn more of this greater tool called "Love." I have a capacity for it. I must make use of it, for already it's employ has made a vast difference in the relationship between my son and I.

So when I am too tired, and would otherwise revert to anger as a way of keeping myself awake, i shall look my babies in their wonderful faces, do a yoga pose, and release a heart sneeze upon them. For I have much to sneeze about!


WildBound said...

Ha! So clever and refreshing. GesunDheit!

Desertbound said...

Bless You!

Tristano said...


Ahenobarbus Textor said...

Love it! Great thoughts, girl.

Trist: you a funny.

CowboyBob said...

....and wish you many sneezes to come.

Fedaykin said...

I sneeze in my car alot.