Friday, November 9, 2007

I have nothing to say, but BY GUM, I'm going to scream it!

* Cleaning dust off of the baseboards is harder than one would first imagine. Baby wipes are handy in just such a situation.

*Also, never leave a box of "pop up" wipes on the floor near your one-year-old, or you'll end up cleaing the baseboards.

*October walks are the best.

*Fallen leaves are sticky. Be careful, you could get stuck in them and have to have your mother come and grab you by the waist, carrying you upside down and away from danger. Just ask Lemur. It was harrowing.

*It is possible to get a little bit lost between 1700N. and 2100N. if you aren't paying attention.

*The Mountains are always east.

*I hate Sonic and his friend, Tails. One is fast, but the other is weak.

*The world of Catan falls at my feet, praying for mercy from my brilliant strategy! Yes, bow in submission, O you conquered!

*Winning Catan Online goes to my head.

*I am in need of a good book. Strike that: I am in need of a captivating book.

*The house never gets clean. Strike that: the house never stays clean.

*My son is brilliant. He is also brilliant at playing dumb - or deaf - when it serves him.

*I had hope last year. Then a broken heart. Then I buried it in sugar. Now the wound needs cleaning and I'm not sure I have the hope I need to heal it.

*Ieek: I'm drowning in emotion!

*Stripling warriors are quite . . . what's the word . . .Stripling. Yes, that's it.

*Walking eases the pain in my hip.

*Running doesn't.

*I want a dog.

*I want a bike.

*I think I'm sounding like a person who is getting close to saying something almost silly like, "I wanna be more like . . ."

*I like Wicked. Particularly Kristen Chenoweth. Dude.

*I enjoy many of the shows in the fall primetime lineup: ~Pushing Daisies~Brothers and Sisters~Samantha Who~Private Practice (ABC)~Life~The Office~30 Rock~Heroes(NBC).

*For someone who has a lot of time on her hands, I should be able to do more. I get a lot done. But I don't seem to do much.

*I'm not positively prepared for the holidays. I fear I may have been bitten by a Hum Bug. perhaps it was when I walked into Smiths the day after Halloween and was thrust into Christmas without a simple "Howdy-do" from Thanksgiving all to the tune of "I'll be Home for Christamas." by good ol' Bing. THRUST!

*I like the scriptures.

*I have a friend again!

*Me writing is remarkably beneficial. And not only to me. Someday you may all profit from, or at least enjoy, my reamarkable writing-ness.

*The world beyond the veil is not as far removed as I've sometimes feared and sometimes closer than I would like. Hmm.

*To everything there is a season.



WildBound said...

Oh, yes. Amen! Ha! You describe many things I have felt at some time or another, sometimes a little too recently. I guess we're humna, eh?

Sayyadina said...

Shh. Don't say it so loud or the non-humans will hear us and get suspicious. This from the woman who just screamed her nothings.

Yeah . . . we're alike that way.

WildBound said...

HMMMMM, very nice. How many thoughts are yours?

CowboyBob said...

I think you are gifted with remarkable writingness.

Sayyadina said...

Aren't all thoughts mine? Maybe I don't understand the question, WB.

Thanks CB.

Bethany said...

I like reading your dad-gum screaming thoughts. For me, the same mountains are always west. Perspective.

Desertbound said...

Your courage amazes me, Sayy.

@ Bethany - that perspective makes you seem closer somehow. Thanks.

WildBound said...

The above remark that was from wildbound, that is really from wildMAN, who left a comment while signed in under my name. Go figure.

Sayyadina said...

I thought so. You dont' normally sound that cryptic.