Saturday, December 23, 2006

Bath Time

This morning, River was all ready for her bath, Liam was in his bath and - wouldn't you know it - River had somehow outgrown her infant tub practially over night.

So I got out the old bath seat and let them have a bath together. Although Liam will soon be too old to do this, it was still precious. He first off tried to tell River what colors were on the seat.

Liam was so excited to play with River and show her the bubbles. River went to town, kicking her little feet in the water. I love watching my children together! They are like best friends already. Even when Liam got some water in River's eyes. He reached for a towel to wipe it out and she just laughed, looking up at her big brother with so much love in her eyes.


Wildbound said...

What a great brother Liam is! You can tell he loves her...

Wildcard said...

Hello! Told you I'd check this out! Your kids are indeed adorable!