Friday, January 5, 2007

Christmas 2006

Twas the morning of Christmas
And all through my house
came screams of poor Chelsea
That scared even the mouse
of her son who woke with a start
and yelled, "I'm coming" -
A child with such heart.
Caleb came too and so started the day
Of German pancakes and presents
Liam shouting "Hooray!"
at gifts of Curious George,
Cars, Lift the Flap and such,
though his favorite was easily
the Spiderman Umbrella which he liked very much.
Bob and Judy came
with a warm howdy do,
Bob ate a pancake with cream,
Even Judy did, too.
We talked and we shared,
the parentals encouraged
dear Caleb and me, we, feeling quite nourished -
said our farewells and with hugs then we parted
Realizing this day of giving had just started.
A shower and some clothes found us soon at another
tree packed with gifts at the house of my mother.
There we sat and we laughed, we aimed and we threw
wrapping paper at Grandma - quite a merry crew.
We giggled and chuckled - there were squeals of pure glee
although the loudest of all were from me,
and all realized as we sat there, the loot only half looted
that we were sure glad to be rooted
In famlies that live by this thing we all share
This thing that makes every last one of us care
About the health of another, if they're happy or sad
If they move or they stay, what makes them feel glad.
I know the past year has been rough on us all,
plagued as it were by pain from a fall
from a horse, or a stair or a fast motorcycle
a widow maker or things of the like'll
just make us more grateful for all that we got
Now, give it a moment and spare it a thought
For look at the things that have made us some smarter -
It takes 64 stitches to fix up Teisha, for starters -
We're more aware of our friendships and such
and although we don't get to see some siblings as much
as others we know that our hearts are bound, can't you see
By great love of a super great loving family.
So Merry Christmas, Glad tidings and lots of good cheer
Have a prosperous and suffering free Happy New Year!