Saturday, November 18, 2006

There should be a specific word to describe or define that feeling one gets when their heart, head and shoulders are about to burst for feeling so beautiful. It's not just joy. It's not just 'self love'. It's not even just happiness. There is so much more. Then it would be so easy to say, "This is how I'm feeling . . ." There would be just one word and no one would look at you oddly and say, "What do you mean?" No need would exist for explaination, not even for your choice of words because it would be ONE WORD: the perfect one.
I still have times when I identify a weakness in myself - more so even in the last three years - and now i am overwhelmed with awareness. Even awareness of my glorious attributes as well as my undesireable ones. Some days I am trapped by my desire to rebuild from what was never broken. It has taken so long to realize that what I am is good. What I will be is good. What I have been has also been good. I create myself and in always striving to create good: I cannot fail.

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