Friday, April 6, 2007

Easter Pics

Today we took pictures of the kids for Easter. I couldn't pick just one because my kids have so much character. And they resemble so many people. Like this one: Liam looks just like my brother, John. It makes me want to hug that big lug (if he were around.)

Liam here looks like his Grandpa Bob, while River bears a remarkable resemblence to her Great-Grandmother, Betty.
Caleb is a great photographer: check out the light on the blanket!
Then Liam is just so adorable with his arm around his little sister . . .
We're going to have to watch River like a hawk as she gets older. She's such a flirt! Already at the store - or where ever I go - I have at least half a dozen people stop to tell me how beautiful she is.
And here's my boy, sucking on his big toe. I suppose I should just be happy he's so flexible, right? Eww.

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Bethany said...

Great photos. The kids are beautiful!