Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A list of good

If it weren't for all my recent coughing, I would have been posting my many sneezes. So in the interest of changing my blog a little bit, here is a short list of things that have been making me sneeze:

1. Taking pretty pictures of pretty people
2. Seeing fun movies with fun people. (The Bee Movie, Beowulf, Mickey's Christmas Carol with my kids)

3. Playing Catan early mornings with my daughter curled up on my lap.

4. Waking up to Christmas in my living room every morning.

5. Being suprised by a smaller number than I anticipated.

6. Using my license to give without question.

7. Receiving kisses from my son.

8. Watching Rivulet dance.

9. Singing in a recording Studio - for three hours!

10. Being nuzzled by a rat for the first time in 13 years.

11. Cooking for my husband.

12. Being in tune with my angels.

13. Spending time with DreamPacker (finally).

14. Cleaning out the cupboards above and around my range hood.

15. Seeing my Grandma for lunch.

Well, those are my top 15 (how cool is it that I didn't feel right stopping at 10!) I'd expound, but I'm going on two hours of sleep and . . . no, let's just leave happy.

I have a warm place to sleep. I have children who love to cuddle me. I have a husband who appreciates what I do for him and his children. I am getting over my bronchial upset, and have the perfect gift for at least half the people on my list. So far, so GREAT!

And River just peed on the floor. Heaven, give me strength!


WildBound said...

Hey, that rat's not a hamster...or a gerbil...

Ahenobarbus Textor said...

Nice list. Go River, go!

Fedaykin said...

Nuzzled by a rat?

Sayyadina said...

Yep. Cute, cuddly, loves me irrationally RAT.