Friday, April 3, 2009

Seven Year Itch

As few know, Muad'Dib, Rivulet and I have been over-run by "itchies," which basically means we itch all the time.

We don't know why, we have been to all sorts of doctors - even the family shaman - and still, we are covered and itchy without a cure or relief in sight.

So the other night, the children were in bed and Muad'Dib and I were enjoying a movie on our new loveseat. He leaned over and I began scratching his itchy back.

"Ah, sweet nectar! That's the ticket!" he moans relaxed-ly, giving over to the wonderful sensation.

There is silence between us for a moment, then I say, "You know, we've been married for seven years . . ."

"And?" he asks, my fingernails still working magic all over his back.

"I know it's not what the saying implies, but we have our very own Seven Year Itch!!"

Ha, Ha, Ha.

We celebrated our anniversary by . . . I think I made us a special salmon dinner. Muad'Dib had to work, so we really just relied on the still-beautiful Valentines flowers and the impending delivery of a new couch and loveseat to mark the occasion.

Seven years. And I still absolutely love my Muad'Dib.

And although the itchies we have aren't any measure of fun, I will say that I'd rather have this brand of "seven year itch" over the other kind HANDS DOWN!!


Fedaykin said...

Just don't get your toe stuck in the bathtub faucet while you nap.

Sayyadina said...

Did I miss a reference here?

Desertbound said...

Here's to the first seven of forever!