Friday, May 15, 2009

A common theme

There has been a common underlying theme all through T.V. this past season. Almost any show you watch, you hear a main character say:

*We don't have a choice.
*We have to.
*There is no other choice.
*You don't really have a choice here.
*There isn't a choice.
*We don't have a lot of options here.

Basically, all of it is saying the same thing. And they are all wrong.

There wasn't a single instance when someone said this and they were completely correct. The idea that there wasn't a choice had more to do with manipulating a certain person into a specific course of action than it was doing right or wrong.

It's just been bugging me.


Fedaykin said...

A thermostat of our times, yes?

LC said...

OOOOOH, you know what else drives me insane? When TV/movies teach incorrect principles of accountability. For example in the Dark Knight, which I did like the movie apart from this aspect, everyone blames Batman for Joker's antics. "Its Batman's fault that Joker's killing everyone, he should just turn himself in." Blah blah blah. How about its Joker's fault for choosing to murder. Many other movies use this same tool, someone else "makes" us do something, or it's the way we grew up, it's our parent's fault. Take some responsibility, for the love!

Sayyadina said...

Yes! For the Love!!!