Thursday, July 2, 2009

"You are the one for me!"

So: I put on my cutest outfit this morning, turn to Muad'Dib who is combing his hair in the bathroom and I ask, "How does this look?"
He answers by singing, "Manatee, Manatee!" to which I reply - through laughter - "That doesn't help!!!" In moments we are both in a fit of laughter. If you don't know why this was so funny then either

A. You don't know Muad'Dib very well and could actually believe he would make such a derogatory comment to me,

B. You weren't there the time we were swimming with Shematite, Scout,Michex and Mayflower. They were each pretending to either be barnacles, dolphins or mermaids and I added, "And I'll be a manatee!" to which Muad'Dib commented, "You wanna be a sea cow?!"or,

C. You have never seen this: Barbara Manatee (Please click the link. It is well worth it. Then read the story again, and you'll see why it's funny!) It seems the tune was stuck in his head even before I asked the question.

I sure love my husband!


Lori said...

that's awesome. i love veggie tales. aren't husbands great? haha. love the story.

CowboyBob said...

His humor is kinda fun to have around.

Jenn said...

This reminds me of the "simba" comment one of your brothers gave to Ariane when she was drying her hair......I can't remember details, but one of my MOST favorite stories. You guys have such a funny family.