Sunday, March 18, 2007

For the Beauty of the Earth

Wendsday, March 7, 2007. Antelope Island, Utah. Day trip with the Nelson family . . .
Most beautiful clouds I've ever seen . . .
River loved riding around on my back while I took pictures -
Of the landscape -

Of Caleb skipping rocks -
Of Liam digging in the sand.
Just Like Daddy!!!

Anybody else moved by the beauty? How can someone look at these clouds, these waters, these children, this family and not see the hand of God in the creation of each? It was a little chilly, but we've braved a Bear Lake snow storm, so a little wind was nothing! I love Caleb's days off!


Wildbound said...

Love the Pictures! Gorgeous. I'm so glad Caleb has days off so you can go wildbounding...;-) You guys re awesome!

Fedaykin said...

Call me next time you go somewhere, I have been wanting to go out to the island for the last... oh, 4 years or so.

Valdirene said...

Lindas imagens.
Parece que o inverno acabou?

Ahenobarbus said...

Looks like a wonderful outing. Believe it or not, though a Utah native who's been all over the state, I have yet to visit the big saline puddle. Furthermore, since I'm leaving Utah in a few months, it'll be a long time yet before I seize the chance. Vae mihi.

I like the bottom two photos best.