Saturday, August 11, 2007

Things I've Learned

Remember when most of my posts were all, "hey, I've learned something neat?"

I recently noticed that the flavor has changed quite a bit and would like to share some learning.

So this particular post is dedicated to the things I have learned during the last few months of rehearsal and performance for The Secret Garden:

*My children are highly tolerant of any given venture for about two months. Then they act out in any way they can or must to get this one message across: "Mom, we need you." (I also was taught this lesson when I went back to school, but apparently it didn't sink in . . . or I thought this would somehow be different.)

*There are some people whose energy makeup is exactly polar my own when under stress (resulting in hyperactive friction).

*I have control over the above situation. Because I am sensitive and have the ability to recognize that difference, I can change my energy and reaction. It's hard, but I can do it.
(it took me far too long to learn this one; sorry Shematite.)

*In general, persons in theater leadership do not want any help I have to offer based on study, knowledge or experience. If I come across a nice prop, sure. But should I know something they don't for any reason, it's best to keep my mouth shut. I may not understand it, but I learned it.

*The Playhouse has a lot to offer, including some very talented directors, lighting designers and costumers. Odd that I would need a comparison to be able to learn this.

*I love learning and "perfecting" a new accent. I am the first to admit that this "Yorkshire" accent wasn't true Yorkshire. But trust me when I say that if I spoke true Yorkshire, you wouldn't understand it on the first second or twelveth hearing. This one was toned down quite a bit and I wansn't allowed to use the true language. Despite that, it was still super fun!

*I love braiding hair and can't wait for Rivulet to have hair long enough. I just hope she'll let me play.

*Muad'Dib is incredibly talented. We spent some time together "working" on character, but all in all, that man created his own Archie. He has fantastic insticts and creates a 3D living person. I have heard it said that people wish he had "done more" or had some "busy work." But I pose the question: "Besides sitting in a chair (which he was forbidden to do in all song but one), what could he have done differently?" Remember, he was (successfully) using a cane. I am so proud of him. Is it bad to wish I were just in the audience watching him?

*I love friends. I haven't had many since Muad'Dib and I got married . . . but I really enjoy the company of people who choose to be around me, laugh at some of the same things I do and quote movies we all know and can just play. I love it.

*I have all but forgotten how to have an informative conversation that is not complaining about one thing or another. I remember how I used to share all the great stuff that would happen or I'd witness . . . but now I just seem to complain a lot. I get more attention and more reaction when I complain . . . but I realize now how forced and useless it is. Granted, Muad'Dib rarely gets excited about what I find extraordinary or humerous, but is that any reason to stop sharing those things with him, or anyone for that matter? Once upon a time, I under stood that most of what I have to share with someone else is my ability to see wonder and beauty anywhere and at any time. Why have I forgotten that?

*I don't like listening to other people's music when I have no other choice. Enough said.

*I like wireless mics.

*I had truly forgotten the rush of performance. FOr the first three nights, I couldn't get into the groove . . . my character was blahth and I kept messing up my blocking, though we had been running the show for almost a month. Then I finally figured out the key and was able to truly PERFORM. Yikes, what a rush. In fact, when I do it right, my knees are just a little weak when I come off stage. Some may say that you should be more pumped when you are done . . . but I know that the key to touching people is giving of your energy and not sucking it back out of them. Knowing that they accepted it is my payoff.

*I need more sleep to thrive.

*It's possible to over-use a wrist until you literally can't use it anymore.

*Dinner as a family is priceless.

*I miss Trailblazer and Dreampacker.

It's time to make breakfast, so I'll end this little sharing fest. May I learn more that sticks.


Fedaykin said...

I always highly enjoy any random thoughts that you share. They always have pith.

Desertbound said...

Glad that you learned and remembered a lot. I am also happy that you and Maud'dib got to hang out with Shematite a bit before she goes south for the winter. I hope these experiences were worth it. I remember fondly the adrenaline rush of a great performance...sigh. I had fun taking the kidlets to the pool!

CowboyBob said...

Love your insights and your courage to share them. Love you.