Monday, October 22, 2007

MY beloved son.

On Saturday, my sister, my mother and I took my Grandmother and met an aunt and my cousins in Midway for a tea party at Pandora's Tea Parlour.

I arranged for one of my cousin's husbands to watch Lemur so he could play with his boy cousins. When we went to drop him off, though, he seemed a little nervous. My mother gave him a ten dollar bill to help him feel like he had something of hers to keep him connected though we were leaving.

I forgot about this ten dollars.

This morning he must have put it in his pants pocket, because while we were out shopping for Halloween costumes at D.I. he picked up a toy and said he wanted it. I said it was too expensive. He held out this ten and said, "But Mom, I have ten blue dollars!" I remembered where it came from and that it truly was his. So I gave a short shpeil to the effect of, "Be sure this is what you really want . . ." He was so sure and so ready to have me get off his back that he offered to buy Rivulet a doll. She had picked out a stuffed baby doll that looked brand new, and was hugging it close. Lemur wanted to buy it for her. But before we made it to the register, we passed by the books (which I can't pass up at least browsing) and he saw a hard back Book of Mormon. Now:

I have an old pocket size BoM that I found in Seminary that is pretty beat up and Liam has taken to calling it his "blue book" and taking it to church or sleeping with it. Last Sunday, a page ripped out of 2nd Nephi. He was pretty upset and handled it with much care after that. So:

He picked up the HB BoM and said, "Mom, it's just like my blue book. But new. I buy this too. It's my favorite book forever." He then carried it around all day, commenting on the pictures of Jesus and Samuel the Lamanite. He is currently sleeping with it. He had me read from it before bedtime prayers.

Let's recap:

1. Get's $10, which he could spend on anything . . .

2. Offers to buy his sister a dollie.

3. Decides to buy a Book of Mormon.

I'm guessing this is one of those moments where I sit back for a second and realize that I'm not screwing up all that much, because- so far - I have a pretty great son.


Ahenobarbus Textor said...

So precious. Thanks for sharing.

Muad'Dib said...

*Sniff* So proud of what he did with his $10 stewardship.

WildBound said...

Oh, so cute. Way to go, Lemur.

Desertbound said...

That may have looked like Lemur's payday but it was actually his parent's payday. Kaching!

CowboyBob said...