Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What I did today:

* Made my husband lunch at four in the morning.
* Slept in until 9.
* Went to a business lunch with a "warm contact" and my father. I was SO an asset to that situation.
* Painted half of my parents garage door yellow.
*Ate three candy bars without even thinking about it.
*Read the paper for a few minutes and can't remember anything it said.
* Came home with Muad'Dib and the spawnlings.
*Cleaned a floor covered with filth that wasn't mine.
* Won a "moderate" game of Catan on X-box. Shaka wasn't even close!
* Showed the free apartment to some people
* Bought pizza.
* Cooked pizza to perfection.
* Read half a book
* Put my children to bed.
*Scratched Muad'Dib's head.
* Fought an inner battle while not trying to actually fight it for fear that I would only make it worse.
*Tried incredibly hard to maintain focus on something, anything for more than a few seconds.
* Failed at focus.
* Got ready for bed.
* Wrote a blog that will make almost no sense to anyone but me, my Coach, my husband and my demons.

But writing makes me feel better. I may not sound better, or even coherent, but i feel just a little bit better.


CowboyBob said...

Sounds like a very full day. How do you do it? I need a little more down time for pondering, meditation, napping, goofing off, piddle-potting around, and stuff.

Bethany said...

@ Dad, please don't post about your piddle-potting on other people's blogs.

CowboyBob said...

@Bethany: oh, now don't go reading some euphemism into something where it is not meant...as far as you know. Heh, heh.

Desertbound said...

@ Beth and CB - Is piddle-potting the same as puttering?
@ Sayyadina we have some cool swords for fighting demons with. Or just for some fun in the back yard.

Sayyadina said...

I forgot the swords! Sign me up!!!