Thursday, October 23, 2008

Into the Wild

Yesterday we went up to visit the Wild's (Wildbound, Wildman, Wildkid and Stargirl). We left Ogden just after Lemur got out of school, picked up Dreampacker and drove up to Cache Valley. We were disappointed to have missed the best of fall foliage. Then we arrived at The Wild's. It was beautiful. Bright yellow leaves covered the ground on either side of the driveway causing me to exclaim, "It's the Golden Path!" Trees and bushes with leaves of ever color greeted us in the Autumn Paradise. Muad'Dib instantly took the camera, and with little more than a hello to his sister, went about taking pictures. Here are a few of my favorites. I will let him post the rest on his blog: Also: the new header picture is my second favorite . The pic at the bottom of this post is my first, for obvious reasons. Enjoy!

I love how Muad'Dib can get water to be so many different colors in a single picture. He is gifted.

And finally:
Rivulet and Lemur.

After pictures and after walking to the end of the lane to retrieve Wildkid from the bus, Rivulet and I wandered off the beaten path. Well, there are actually many beaten paths. I guess we just strayed from the paved path. We crossed many a bridge, and Rivulet exclaimed over and over, "Rivo" (which is to say, "River") as she saw and heard water rushing past and under us. We found the pond pictured above and spent a good measure of time just throwing in rocks, dirt, leaves and sticks. Rivulet loves her water features.
I physically wrangled her inside after pleading did no good, and was greeted by Wildbound's Chili Verde. Oh holy deliciousness! Oddly enough, the taste and smell instantly transported me to Lake Powell. I suddenly missed Bethany while at the same time was mentally entertained with an image of the Rock and Brandon jumping off a cliff
With lunch finished, Wildbound sat us down in turn and treated us to a Zoning each. We all continued talking, making her lose her place many times. Her physical commentary was truthful and humerous. For Muad'Dib "I can't get into your brain!" and "Drink more water, you big sissy." For Me: "It doesn't tickle if you don't think about it." and "Your Pituitary clicked; good." For Dreampacker it came down to one word that I recall, "Whoa." I've not ever seen her or Muad'Dib squirm so much during a zoning. And it was the first zoning that I didn't end up in tears.
Progress. I like it.
Of course, her comments were peppered with Toe Observations from Dreampacker who (as is found on her blog) had recently returned from a Toe Reading Class Weekend. She was as excited to share the knowledge as we were curious to hear it.
For Muad'Dib: "You have the best toes I've seen yet!" and *with great exclamation*
"You have a mole!"
For me: ( I loved hearing this!) "You have a beautiful earth toe." and "You have a queen toe!"
For Wildbound, "You have a princess toe." This was good news to Wildbound, as that is what she wanted. ;)
All said and done, we left the Wild with a reeking of vast contentment. Feelings and thoughts being stirred up, the soup of our brain came away a richer flavor for having been in the Wild. I continue to be grateful for these oportunites, and - as always - look forward with hope to the next.


Fedaykin said...

That main pic on the blog feels like it is out of a movie made of ground up unicorns. Or.. Something. The ligthing is magically spectacular.

My toes would cause screaming I'm sure.

CowboyBob said...

Your pictures and writing are both beautiful, gifted. Thanks.

Justin said...

I love the sparkle in YOU ...
in your pictures ... in your kids eyes ... in your husbands smile ... thanks for tossing some fairy dust my way. I love you Chelsea. So much.
Little T.

DreamPacker said...

yes, thanks for letting me tag along. Your writing is fantastic! I love the metaphors. By the way, a mole on the foot, hand or ears supposedly indicates a person of great vision. But, there are others of us with great vision who merely have great Big toes.