Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Fall Review

Due to a recent back injury and the inability to read for another seven to ten days (my new glasses are on order), I have watched a good deal of the new Fall Lineup. Drama, comedy, cop procedural, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, USA you name it, and I've had a chance to watch it. And after watching a sub-par drama last night, I thought it would be a good idea to share my new-found knowledge - or at least opinion - with those who find me and my opinions interesting. I hope this helps.

Because some of these pictures were not easy to find, the shows go in no particular order. Except the last two. On we go.

FOX: Wednesday Nights BONES
Status: Returning favorite.
Starring: Emily Deschanel and (my movie star crush) David Boreanaz.

My Rating: Must Watch. This show is superb. It is funny, dramatic, romantic and intelligent while not being over any one's head (ex: the heavy handed CSI dramas or the CBS Numb3rs).

USA Network: PSYCH
Airing: Summer

Rating: Great to Watch.
The characters are funny and strong, the relationships real and complex, while never losing their humor. And Shawn and Gus (best friends pictured below) have fantastic random pop culture banter that I greatly enjoy.

ABC Thursday Nights: LIFE ON MARS

Status: New show; remake of BBC drama same name.

My Rating: INCREDIBLE! Must watch. The premise didn't grab me at first, but did I mention a recent back injury? So I watched the premier. Holy Buckets. The writing, the filming the acting are all FIRST RATE all around. Nothing over the top or unnecessary. I was thoroughly impressed with the first and second episodes. I strongly recommend it to everyone!

NBC Thursday Nights: THE OFFICE
Returning favorite. Just love it again and again. The opening episode was good, and the proposal was brilliant!

NBC Friday Nights: LIFE

Returning favorite: Starring Damien Lewis (you may know him from Band of Brothers, in which he was also awesome.)

My Rating: Must Watch. It's clever, it's smart, it's surprisingly funny and suspenseful. The long story arc that is in the background of every procedural episode really adds depth to the experience. I am not a fan of the new chief, but hopefully someone at NBC will pull their head out and let him get a real person hair cut and stop him from acting like a stereotype. The guy they have cast is a great actor. Just look past that for now and enjoy Damien Lewis and his partner. And Adam Arkin. They are all great!

CBS Tuesday Nights: How I Met Your Mother

Returning for third season.

Great ensemble cast, very funny, rarely crude and each character is a joy to watch. Although I feel like I MUST WATCH it, since it is in the third season, I will just recommend getting it on Netflix and catching up.

ABC Tuesday Nights: ELI STONE

Returning favorite starring Victor Garber (from Alias, Annie -the remake - and First Wives Club) who I love, and many other actors I recognize by face if not by name.

My Rating: Love to Watch. There is talk of faith, right and wrong, responsibility, family issues, God, relationships . . . all mixed in with humor, singing and dancing. This is a gem and I highly recommend it to you all!


Returning favorite starring Lee Pace and Kristen Chenoweth (from Wicked) along with many other stars of Broadway and T.V.

My Rating: Must Watch. This last week was a lollapolooza of eccentric joy! The show is a little fantasy, and so fun. The cast is ALL strong, following problems that I am seriously excited about watching unfold. It's clever and funny, as well as visually and mentally stimulating. Also, it's romantic.

NBC Monday Nights: CHUCK
Returning Favorite starring Adam Baldwin (recognize him from Firefly/Serenity?!)
Rating: Must Watch. Funny, well cast, well written. I love it. Simply.

ABC Wednesday Nights (after "Daisies") PRIVATE PRACTICE

Returning Favorite starring Audra McDonald, Taye Diggs, Amy Brenneman, and Tim Dayle. Spinnoff from Greys Anatomy. Written and produced by MARTI NOXON, who wrote and worked on the Buffy and Angel Series.

My Rating: Very Favorable. It, along with Desperate Housewives, is my dirty-little-secret show. It's a little more adult, while also being more childish. But the writing is clever and I am interested in seeing where the relationships (friendships and otherwise) go from where they are now.

And now: The most important reviews.


NEW SHOW written and created by J.J Abrams (of Lost and Alias fame). The first episode seemed to be along the X-Files genre. BUT I am happy to report that it pulled out of that niche with FABULOUS casting, witty, humorous writing and very, very interesting plot lines.

My Rating: MUST WATCH Also, it doesn't waste any time trying to introduce us and invest us in people before revealing a "villainous larger plan" like X-Files or Lost. It's obvious from the get go that everything is part of a pattern. This show is worth watching. It's clean, it's to the point. For anyone who appreciates good acting, good writing and a good mystery, this show will fit the bill.

And on the other hand: Eleventh Hour. CBS

My Rating: Yikes. In Entertainment Weekly, they said that this show was better than Fringe. I am here to tell you: they are freaking wrong.

Rufus Sewell is very good (and so is his accent). I like him as an actor and he does a good job with what he's given. Sadly, what he's given has already been done by David Duchoveny. And the blond he's cast with: Watching her is painful compared to what you can see on Fringe or on the reruns of X-Files.

The story lines are weak. The last one I saw could have been easily cut down to a half hour and not lost any power. Of course, you can't lose what you don't have to start with. I advise all to NOT watch this show, unless you distrust me. But really: Distrust me at your own risk.


tiggermama said...

You crack me up! LOL! ;-)

CowboyBob said...

Thanks for the reviews. I am happy to discern you are feeling some better. Keep on healing, please. I know back pain, and would not wish it on anyone.

Sephian said...

Chuck, Fringe, The Office = Personal favorites of mine.

They provide a much needed way to waste time at work. Praise be to online streaming!

Good reviews!

Jenny said...

Nice reviews! I heart the Office and Life! Private Practice is on my dvr list, but Jed doesn't like it, so I watch that one alone haha...I liked Addison's character better when she was on Grey's, but ah well. I'll have to check out Life on Mars...if I have room in my life/dvr for another show :)