Saturday, February 14, 2009

"You are my Sunshine . . ."

My only sunshine . . . You make me happy when skies are grey . . .
You'll never know how much I love you.
Thank you for the sunshine today.

Six years ago, just before our first Valentine's Day as a married couple, I kept dropping what I considered to be subtle hints that "all I want are some flowers."
Muad'Dib bought me a dozen roses, which were waiting for me on my desk at work. But he had a word to say about the whole thing: "If you tell me to do it, it's not special. Let me do it."
I don't think I've ever asked him for a specific present since. And do you know what I have discovered about my husband? He is the greatest gift giver EVER!
Take today for example: Valentines Day. He left for work at 6 am and would not be home until after 10pm: I would be spending the day at home and car-less. Not a bad situation, but not ideal considering the day. Then WORSE . . . it snowed *stiffle a growl*. It was snowing when I awoke and showed no sign of letting up. Without a husband at home, I dressed in pajama's and decided my day was "that kind of day."
Then the doorbell rang. Lemur yelled, "I'll get it!" and I made it to the door just in time for a cold breeze to blow in the fragrance of spring in a vase.
Not gonna lie: I cried. I've gotten teary just about every time I've looked at the flowers. I took at least twenty pictures of my flowers. They are a burst of spring when all the world outside my window is winter. They are like Muad'Dib himself. And I love him every day more and more for that reason and others. Happy Love Day, Lover Bucket. You made mine great.

Also, a cute story: On Thursday I had a burst of energy and decided to rearrange Lemur's room. I did this while he was at school, cleaning every nook and cranny as well as dejunking his toy drawer (SHHH!!) He returned home and asked for a PB sandwich while he went to check out his room. Well, Smith's had had a great sale on Strawberries - which are a Lemur's favorite fruit - and I was rather in the Valentine Day spirit. I prepared the sandwich, which I then cut into the shape of a heart. I also sliced some strawberries and placed them artistically around the heart. This I carried downstairs. I turn the corner to his room and he rushes into view: "Mom! It's AWESOME! You did a great job!" He then proceeded to skitter to different changes I had made and tell me why he liked it so much. Like how he now has an "office" to do his homework. Then I handed him his sandwich. He took it. He looked at it, and closed his eyes. Imagine his expressive little face expressing all the gratitude a little 5 year old can feel, then see him open his eyes, lift his gaze to mine - eyes a little glazed with tears - and hear his little voice ask, "You really love me, don't you?"
"Yes, I do."
"I can tell."


WildBound said...

Love it. It's moments like those that make being a mom so fulfilling. Aaahh...

stacy said...

i can relate...i used to have to hint about recieving flowers. i told allan that the only time i really ever expect flowers is when i have a baby. he has been good to remember! lucky we are, aren't we?

how nice to have such a great reaction to something so little. i love those moments that you just want to squeeze the stuffins out of your kids for making you feel so fulfilled with being a mom! there is no greater job...most days!

Desertbound said...

Love it!

CowboyBob said...

You have a hard working husband doing his best to be "the provider" a real man wants to be for his princess. I am impressed at the insight of Lemur...what a heart!

Fedaykin said...

You're an awesome Mom. And Lemur is an old soul. Muad'Dib's never sent me flowers, he sucks.

little t said...

The bouquet is a simple reflection of you: a splash of pink, a day of yellow, delicate white, roaring red, a hint of country ... why, it IS you. All wrapped up pretty for Valentine's Day. Thanks for adding so much ... vibrant color to my life. I LUV U.