Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Prize Winning Picture

"Sonic, the Hedgehog Hero, races to fix the national debt,
so we can maintain our National Parks!"
Lemur's school had an art contest. The theme was "National Debt and how it effects me." I know: yikes. But Grandma Dreampacker gave Lemur a good idea, a picture of Delicate Arch for inspiration and Lemur drew and colored it himself! He won 2nd place and will be awarded $15 at an awards ceremony in April. We're pretty proud!!!


Bethany said...

Way to go Lemur! That is an awesome Sonic. I love that the arch even has a shadow.

Little T said...

Of course he won! The "love of art" runs deep in this one! Congratulations Lemur! May you enjoy every dime of your new found wealth. Can't wait to see what comes next! Keep drawing!

DreamPacker said...

When I saw what he had done with the photo he had chosen...I said, that one is a winner! Good job, Lemur! Glad I was able to assist him in choosing a good background for Sonic.

Desertbound said...

Awesome! Way to go, Lemur!