Thursday, September 6, 2007

An Interview with a Productive Mother: Tonight at 10

*fast paced, digital music playing in the backround while well enunciated words seem to come from no where*

It has been said many times and by many people in so many words that there must be opposition in all things. Or "every rose has it's thorn" or "we all have good day and bad days" or "seasons come and seasons go" all meaning that sometimes things are good and sometimes they stink.

So what was today for Sayyadina?

IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME!!!! Ha, ha, fooled you! Thought this was going to be an "emotional vomit" day, didn't you! "You fell victim to one of the classic blunders!"

*Serious, newscaster voice asks* "So, Sayyadina, what made today so great?"

Well, Chuck (as most interviewers are named in fantasy sequences), it would have something to do with productivity. My productivity.

He gives me a curious look, as though this idea were novel to him, "Really? How so?"

"I have spoken before,"I reply as I toss my lovely copper hair over one shoulder and straighten my posture "about how useless I feel when a day has ended and I have done nothing to be significantly proud of; I feel like I have accomplished nothing."

(He continues to nod as though I were very wise.)

"Today, the difference was that I was Super Freaky productive in my sphere."

Chuck leans forward, intrigued by this proclamation, "What do you mean, 'in my sphere?'"

"Simply put," I say as i lean forward as well, making sure he misses nothing, "What I did today, what fills me with this indescribable joy, would matter little more than a hill of beans to anyone else. Not even my husband could be as excited as I am. My sphere = my change, my joy. Do you get what I mean?" I laugh good-naturedly, leaning back quite at ease.

Chuck chuckles as well, "Surely I do. You are a mother and home-maker, correct?"

I nod in the affirmative, "No prouder profession."

He agrees with his platinum grin before he continues, "So what was it today that gave you your feeling of freedom?"

I clasp my hands over my knees and look up to the ceiling, remembering it all in divine detail. "The day began slowly. I had been up so late last night, and my daughter kept waking up every hour and a half! So I rolled over and cuddled my husband until my son crawled into bed with us and I had to face the fact that morning was really here, and I had to face it. I am MOM, after all,"

"After all," he conceded.

"I made breakfast, and sent Muad'Dib off to work with a delicious and quirky lunch, packed with love and a note to prove it. Before he left, he gave me one task to accomplish." I stop, sigh and grin. "Then I accomplished it."

"But what was the task?" Chuck asks with too much curiosity (it's then I realize he gets paid to ask these questions.)

"I was to clean out from under the bed."

Chuck waited for a moment for me to continue, but I did not. So he dutifully prodded with another question, "And how did that make your day so 'awesome?'"

I gave him a sly look and began using my hands while I spoke as the excitement poured out of me, "Because I didn't just clean out from under the bed. I took the bedding, the mattress and the box springs off the frame. I cleaned and vacuumed. I lifted the heavy, solid wood headboard (that I have wanted to get rid of for months now) all by myself and removed it. I then moved my chair to a nook nearer the window and moved the dresser to a less conspicuous spot. After that, I set up the lamps and continued to vacuum every square inch of floor and baseboard in my room." I grinned with pleasure, for Chuck seemed impressed. "And I didn't just 'remove' the headboard. I single handed-ly carried that thing down the stairs. I maneuvered and lifted and scooted it all the way down to the living room and out of my way."

"Where were your children?" he asks, eyes wide, chin resting on his hand in wonder.

"Behaving like absolute angels!"

"Well, " he says, obviously pleased with my story, "That must have been wonderful for you."

"You have no idea." I replied, looking pointedly into the camera as I continued, "There may be some who will hear this story and think "Gee, I did so many more important things with my day. I'm not on the news for it." But I say to you that I in my sphere remembered something very important that I had forgotten: I AM WONDER WOMAN!!! I have strength and creativity and home-building skills that I had forgotten over the past few weeks. But the cycle has come full circle, Chuck," I say, turned my attention back to the imaginary man who shows so much interest in my life, "as they always will."

Yes they always will.
And now, being exhausted from working hard all day (yay!) I will go to sleep.
*contented sigh ends this post*


CowboyBob said...

Wonderful, creative writing. Do you hire out, by the way?

Fedaykin said...

(To be read in a clipped stacatto with pounding intensity and finality:)

That. Was. Awesome.

So delighful, witty, and entertaining. In my sphere today I am going to feel like a champion cause I will make 15 phone calls and clean my desk! It's really the little things that add up to make the overall
big-things-view so picturesque.

DreamPacker said...

My words cannot describe how entertaining and wonderful. You made my moment. This is what blogs are all about!

Ahenobarbus Textor said...

Love it. Way to be your own cheerleading team!

Sayyadina said...

Well, AT, if anyone's good at it (and bad at it actually) I AM!!

And um . . . by "hire out" do you mean, "will I write for money?" I have heard that every man has his price. But I don't take money. Only girly giggles. JK.

Define your terms. Writing makes me happy!

Desertbound said...


Desertbound said...

The previous "wow" was of course whispered in wide-eyed wonder while a congratulatory grin spread across my face.