Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ode to my Hair.

Silky mass, Redrock sand caught in a river's pull

Spilling over my shoulders, sweeping down my back.

Tendrils curling, dancing in the wind

Forever framing my beauty.

Seaweed in a pool, undulating from my crown and flowing with the tide

Halo about my head, marking me as a saint with your golden glory.

Set fire to my world with the light

caught in your long fingers,

stroking my face with the delicate love

that makes you up: that makes you mine.


WildBound said...

real purty.

Ahenobarbus Textor said...

Very nice. I like the double entendre in "caught in a rivers pull" :)

I find myself liking my beard too much, lately. Guess it's time to shave (if only it weren't so darn cold!)

Desertbound said...