Friday, February 22, 2008

Memorable moments with Muad'Dib

*Getting lost and buying Advil for a headache on our first date.

*Dancing; feeling safe in someone's arms for the first time.

*Watching him play the piano. In the Institute, at Mountain Road Ranch or at my parent's house. Every time I see him seated at a piano, my heart gets warmer.

*Resolving a two hour problem with a fifteen minute conversation and thinking: "That was suprisingly easy. And I feel suprisingly better."

*Feb 21, 2002: The first day of the rest of my life!

*Reading in bed with my husband.

*Reading with my husband on the beach at sunset in Carmel-by-the-Sea.

*Getting lost on our way to Zion.

*Playing in the ocean on a stormy day, on an empty beach.

*Getting lost on our way to Disneyland


*Playing Gauntlet until four in the morning.

*Getting lost in San Fransisco. Hey, those roads are messed up!

*Dinner at Fisherman's Wharf.

*Our first romantic married dinner. The potatoes were crunchy and I burned the salmon. The brownie pie was also a disaster. He ate it anyway.

*Each time he guessed that I was pregnant.

*Reading Malcolm X while he massaged my feet.

*Listening to his voice as he read to me after Lemur was born (I couldn't see well enough to read for myself).

*Subsequently reading the entire Death Gate Cycle out loud to each other over the next two years. "As part of the ritual" and "because it was slippery" entered our phrase vocabulary. So did "It was quiet. Too damn quiet." And together we pioneered the practice of reading serious novels aloud with funny voices. I seriously recommend reading a dangerous assasin as though he had a pirate's accent. Or an evil warlock who speaks like a news caster.

*Driving home from Panguich by way of Manti . . . what do you mean that's not the way we were supposed to go?

*Vacationing in a place so cold, our electric car door froze OPEN.

*Not being able to go to bed at the same time because we laugh and giggle for over an hour. Never fails.

*Christmas suprises. No one can suprise and impress me with gifts like my Muad'Dib.

*Five year anniversary jewlery. It is mystical and mysterious how a woman reacts to jewlery attatched to the words, "I love you."

*"Oh, these are for you."

*Cinderella Man


*" The spice must flow."



*Singing together.

*Rock Band.

*X-box bonding.

*Miraculously being able to cook after Rivulet was born: and watching Muad'Dib enjoy the fruits of my labor.


*Erosion Table

*Muad'Dib's face the first time he held his daughter.


*Watching him laugh.

*Being able to hear him in a crowd. Many people tune out his voice and thereby miss how freaking hilarous he is.

*Working alongside him.


*Narrows - particularly the first few feet - because I was showing off and fell (recieving the first and only injury on the hike) and the last leg when everyone else had left us in the dust and I could barely walk.


*Watching movies and T.V. together because . . . well, it's just funnier with our commentaries.

*Muad'Dib playing with and/or disciplining our children.

*The Sunday (while I was pregnant with Rivulet) that Muad'Dib went to Elder's Quorum meetings and came home to find Lemur and me in hysterics. I couldn't explain why I was crying, and he simply started laughing. Which got me laughing. He took Lemur and gave me the afternoon off at home. He always knows when to laugh at me and when to hold me.

*Dedicating our apartments.

*Chauvelin, Huck, (our only stage kiss) Romeo, Old Gobbo, Prince of Aragon, Archie Craven, Raif Rackstraw . . . and more to come.

*"Blood will flow!"

To name a few.

Some nicknames for the man I love:
*Lover monkey
*Shade of my heart.
*Kaleeb Muad'Dib
*Sweet seductive honey-speckled love muffin.


Wildman said...

WOW, what is this blog rated?

I Love It.


Ahenobarbus Textor said...

I feel like I've invaded your privacy, reading all that. :) Congratulations, again. Gotta love love. [Cuddley-Wumpus... hehe]

Desertbound said...

Grin :)

Anonymous said...

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CowboyBob said...

Love the picture. Is that the one you want me to use?

Bethany said...

Happy Anniversary! You two are great together!