Monday, January 26, 2009

The Snow Fort, the Snow Man and other Winter Antics

It's been so long since I've done this, that apprarently I've forgotten how! So this picture blog goes backwards.
Below: our finished Winter Fortifications. Complete with snow spikes, icicles, a snowball arsenal, spyholes and a sword. Tresspassers Beware! Who says being buried in sand is the best? Lemur votes for snow burial!
Rivulet was intent on keeping the snowman solid and shapely.

Muad'Dib easily had as much fun as his five year old son. Not only building the fort and arsenal, but reminiscing about the fortifications and weapons used in the MRR Wars, Battle of the Orchard.

See? He was rarely without a snowball in hand.
Ah: a winter angel dreaming winter dreams. A young boy takes a nap in his snowfort.

While Lemur rested, Muad'Dib was hard at work with the Snow Soldier project.

These two below were taken from inside. I had been showering and cleaning the living room, just glad to have the children outside for a moment. I was lucky enough to look out the kitchen window and see the marvelous things my family was up to.

And my children will always say, "Let it Snow!"


Bethany said...

Awesome. Looks like good fun.

DreamPacker said...

Way cute pics! Fun snow day. I noticed the snowflakes were gone from the windows. Are we ready for spring?

Desertbound said...

Ah yes, the MMR snow cave arsenal. Who could forget? Love the pics.