Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rain is my witness that God loves me. (I'm not kidding.)

I did say I would write more. But I have since been plagued with car troubles and the spending of money on groceries. These problems have only been broken up by . . . wait. A good many things. Okay. Out of the whine and into the joy!

*I cleaned out the front garden bed. Now when people come to the house (if they can focus their gaze just so) they will likely proclaim "It is just like the flower beds 'round the temple!" Or so I imagine.

*I played with the kids outside, blowing bubbles of gargantuan size and voluminous shape!

*I went shopping for my brother's birthday.

*I was able to go to a corner grocery store and find absolutely everything my little heart could desire in way of food, hygiene and drink. How many people all over the world wish they were ME today?!

*I talked with my very own father for TWO HOURS. I had him all to myself. How many women can say that?

* I was able to drive Muad'Dib to work today, which I have not had the pleasure of doing since we got a second car. We made Rivulet laugh with our flirty antics.

* I have watched Lost, New Moon and 24 with my hunny.

*I looked over the wonderful present made by our cast. They even have pictures of Muad'Dib and Alisha as Adam and Milly!

*I arranged picture collages in my father's new office.

*I was asked to write a letter of recommendation. ME! It was as if someone declared: "What you have to say is important. Please write it so others can read it and be swayed in my favor by your words and opinion." Who doesn't want to hear that?

*My son gets to finally attend the Rock show with his Grandma tomorrow!

*My daughter performed a puppet show for me entitled, "The Veggie Tale who got Kicked Over the Fence!" It was a knee-slapper.

So although I have no great, profound discoveries from the past few days, I have had many bursts of joy. And to think I was about to set the week aside as "uneventful." Huh . . .

Good Grief! I turned 29 this week! It was my Gor'ram birthday on Monday. I was totally spacing that!!

I was taken to lunch in SLC by my parents and sister. Then Lemur, Rivulet and I walked to the Church Office Building and found it closed. So we walked to the Lion House and toured the Beehive House. Lemur said it was like going into a whole different world.

We went back to the COB, going through the revolving doors over and over and over, just to make sure they were working properly (you're welcome) and then took a tour to the observation deck. The children LOVED the super fast elevator ride and even more enjoyed looking down on the "New York City" as they called it. We pointed out a few "treasure parks" and decided to explore them.

We descended the elevator and walked to Brigham Young Memorial Park where we played "War," which essentially is to stand at opposite ends of the field as mommy spins in the middle and run until we all crash into each other. I tried to teach them "Marco Polo," but I was just met with giggles and silence.

Then we walked to City Creek Park and took all the different paths we could find, splitting up whenever possible. Rivulet loved the bridges.

Finally we walked to the Kimball Memorial Cemetery behind the Kimball Condominiums where I have spent much of my youth. Lemur was enthralled by the secret walkway that led us to the Kimball Monument. He asked me to read the whole inscription and was very interested in what a Prophet was and why one would get such a big gravestone and park.

We did all of this wearing light jackets and weathering the light spring rain. Okay, so there was a moment while crossing the plaza that we were bombarded by sharp, diamond shaped hail stones. But the children just laughed and laughed.

I didn't take my camera, so there are no physical pictures to share . . . because I did not intend on having such an adventure. And perhaps that is what made it so wonderful. I did not plan. I did not rush. I led my children, my children led me. We were and we were together in exploration. It was the finest birthday gift they could have given me. And it definitely made for one of my best birthdays ever. Oh, and the rain! We all loved the rain!! The rain was a gift from Heavenly Father. His way of saying, "I'm glad you enjoy the earth I made for you. Happy Birthday." I'm sure of it. So don't remark to the contrary. You will be met with silence and a knowing smirk. You don't know.

I'm grateful for the knowledge and experience I have received in exchange for my twenty nine years of life on this earth. I will be grateful as that number continues to climb. Fountain of Youth? No thank you. Fountain of Experiences? Yes, please!


Desertbound said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful birthday! Thanks again for sharing:)

DreamPacker said... are a good writer! An allergic reaction every time! Glad you had a good day.

CowboyBob said...

You have a very serendipitous nature and the gift of sharing that with your kids. Refreshing and uplifting.