Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We might need an intervention . . .

What is that odd music you hear when you visit my page? Why is there suddenly an advertisment to the right? Well, the simple answer is: I have an addiction.

It's alright. I can admit it: I am addicted to WORDS!!

So take note of the new gadget on my sidebar. My highest run to date is level 28, with a score of 58,986.

I am totally and utterly under it's sway. Using words like "Ubiquitous" and "Irrationality," or "Protoplasmic" has never had a more instintanious pay off! Give it a try.

If you dare!!!


Fedaykin said...

You've found my dirty vice and exposed the world to it! No good will come of this!

Sephian said...

Finally, something interesting for me to do at work. 22K so far... This game is hard.