Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Recap!

Brogurt learned to crawl, then walk and then run.  He has been running ever since.  He loves cars, Cars, machines, cooking, stuffed animals, real animals, running, laughing, Blue's Clues, his daddy and books. 
Rivulet is flourishing in 1st grade, doing math in her head and reading more than she thinks she can.  She loves My Little Pony (Friendship is Magic), the Drowsy Chaperone, dancing, singing, learning the piano and playing games with me.  She was in Peter Pan this summer as a Lost Boy, 2nd Twin and the Shadow.  She was amazing.  Capable.  She held her own up next to her "twin" who was 9! 

Lemur is adjusting well to 4rth grade, though it is quite different from his experience last year.  He still reads like a fiend, gobbeling up whatever sparks his interest.  He loves Calvin and Hobbes, finished FableHaven, builds marvelous works in Minecraft and enjoys being outside.  He wishes there were more people to play "night games," as I had got him a book on the subject this spring.  He played John in Peter Pan and despite all his complaining, he was magnificent.  They both want to do another play.

Muad'Dib in 2012 completed co-authoring and published a book, The Philosophy of Freedom.  This is the culmination of 6 years of work, research and WORK.  He has also continued as a window clerk at the Post office and supported us in our theatrical endeavors this summer.  He and Brogan are great pals and he has pwned many "noobs," gaining many acheivements on the Xbox.  I love to watch him play!

I have been both Sayyadina and Coach.  I have supported my husband and raised my children, as well as continuing in that ever-worthy quest for wisdom and grace.  I have learned and grown.  I led many women in my ward in a presentation of Kenneth Cope's Women at the Well in February. It was a beautiful experience. I will never forget it!  I edited and adapted J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan and was the assistant director (hence the persona "Coach").  I read Muad'Dib and Minion's book - an acheivement for the cause of learning and education if there ever was one! - and have begun reading Atlas Shrugged.  It's a whole different book when I understand what's going on.  And I enjoyed IMMENSELY putting together, rehearsing for and presenting our Ward Christmas Program.  A creative labor of love if there ever was one, to be sure!

As a family we attended a Nelson Family Reunion at Posey Lake in Escalante, which was quite an emotional marker for my children as they each completed the 5.5 mile hike.  Then we went to the Michaelson Reunion in Afton, and shortly thereafter we went on a Family Adventure to Lake Tahoe.  There we visited Vikingsholm Castle, went to many beaches and played in the water, went swimming every single day, Lemur and I enjoyed Ping Pong, Brogurt "enjoyed" Roseolla, Muad'Dib enjoyed killing a wind scorpion that had accosted me in our room, Rivulet enjoyed her birthday present of 12 My Little Ponies, I enjoyed swimming all alone in the pool at night (though the bats resented my presense) and all together we enjoyed the Olympics, the water, and the time. 

We are a grateful, happy family and look forward with bright eyes to what adventures await us in 2013!!!

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