Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy BirdleDaydle Toodle Yoodle Doodle!

Twenty-seven years ago today,
on a bean bag in MountainRoad Ranch,
My Muad'dib was born.

Eww and Yay.

On this day, I would like to thank a few people.
Thanks be to God the Father, for everything, inlcuding all the good that follows in this list.
*Judy: Thanks for being pregnant that sixth time. Thanks for raising him. Thanks for teaching him to say what he thinks (it comes in really handy. sometimes.) Thanks for teaching him to love.
*Bob: Thanks for being a man he could emulate. He's a great man, and he learned from the best. Thanks for teaching him to hike.
*Brothers and Sisters: Thanks for not scarring him emotionally with silly nicknames or dressing him up in dresses. Wait. Actually, thanks for offering him a support system and cultivating the tendancy to communicate in honesty.
*Jed, Van and friends: Thanks for seeing him through his adolescent, teen and post teen years. I know that people become like the people they surround themselves with. I'm glad it was you guys.
*Girl friends: Thanks for giving him practice.
*Missionary companions: thanks for making me look good. At least i don't throw out the vanilla, right?
*Fedyakin: thanks for recognizing him for his thoughts, laughing at his jokes and doing the dishes.
*Mom: thanks for casting him as Huck. With that first chance, he has been able to grown so much.
*Dad: thanks for having confidence in the man I married. He feels it.
*Judy and Bob: thanks for teaching him the Gospel. Thanks for making a home where it was important.
*Father in Heaven: Thanks for this wonderful man!
Happy Birthday, Muad'dib!!

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Wildbound said...

You are such an awesome wife for my little brother. Thank YOU. Happy birthday to him from me!
Lova ya!