Tuesday, May 8, 2007


I earned my grades.
In British Lit: Super-solid A
In Critical Lit: Sickeningly solid A
In Math 950: Way-to-learn-pre-algebra-at-25 A
In Nutrition: Full on F.

But I earned each one! Not proud of the last, but super pleased with the first three. No lectures, please. I'd like to ignore the shame and move on.

Liam had his surgery (minor in medical terms), and is healing quite well. He still walks and screams and does everything normal, except that his natural arch making skills are a little . . . painful.

River is crawling everywhere. One second she's next to me and the next she's eating fuzz off the floor in the bathroom, laughing like she's just gotten away with something.

Caleb has completed the Swamp Cooler maintenance for this spring season (yay! no more dangerous excursions on the roof!) and continues his work at the Post Office.

I will be in a all-talkie-no-sing-y play this summer, performing in July. It's Twelve Angry Men, but with women, so we call it Twelve Angry Jurors. I'm #10, who is described as a "Loudmouth racist". I don a New York accent (I guess) and rant and rave. It feels super great to yell and emote without consequence. In fact, I get complimented for my behavior. That's why I love theater.

Caleb and I are looking for a house. Three bedroom, fenced yard, under 130, good neighborhood. The time has come when we no longer want to listen to people through our walls, and take care of someone else's messes. Cleaning up someone elses's old urine really helped us make this decision. Eww.

So, there it is. A humorless, un-punny update on my little fan-damily.


Ahenobarbus said...

Items of potential interest and hopeful consolation:

1) The negative grade is in the past. When I went back to school, I got one single, lonely F, also. That was the last. If you take my GPA after that semester, I graduated with a 3.8. You just had a class that you didn’t mesh with; that’s all.
2) Ouch for Liam. From what little information I’ve gleaned, I think my nephew had to have that same surgery done. He’ll be healed fully in no-time, and much better for it.
3) Yay for the carpet-cleaner stage! Well, at least she’s still cute, right?
4) Congratulationss on 12 Angry Men. What joy it is to be in theatre, where taking on another’s persona is encouraged.
5) Good luck with the house-hunt. There are some great deals up behind Ben Lomand High. If you and Caleb don’t mind finishing your own basement you can easily pick up a 2BR 1Bath for ca. $80-90G, then take a year to finish the basement and end up with a 4BR 2Bath with additional storage and another family/living room. Still within 5 min. of Bob & Judy & Rob & Heather, too. Jealousy is mine. At least you can hunt while in the same state as your hoped-for-home. Jan and I are looking for a place in St. Louis. Long-distance home shopping is less than ideal. Anyway, again, good luck!

Wildbound said...

Great Job on the A's! And good luck with the house-hunting....how exciting is that?!