Monday, May 21, 2007

The Secret Garden

Muad'Dib and I are going to be in The Secret Garden at the Layton Ampitheater August 6-11th.
Muad'Dib will be playing Archibald Craven (the male Lead).
I will be playing Martha (the Yorkshire maid).
Muad'Dibhas at least three big solos (like "Lily's Eyes") and like five other group songs.
I have two big solos (including "Hold On") and am in many other featured chorus songs.
This is a great musical; I played Lily when I was 19, so it'll be cool to do the whole Yorkshire accent thing. Muad'Dib is going to ROCK!!!
The directors are allowing us to take River and Liam to every rehearsal that we have to be at together. But for the nights of the performances, we will offer $100 to whoever would be willing to keep an eye on the kidlets. So that's five nights, about four hours a night (get ready and performance time). If anyone is interested, please let us know.
You are all welcome to come, as it will be pretty awesome. And for those of you who saw Muad'Dib in Scarlet Pimpernel the girl who played Marguerite will also be playing Lily (Archibalds' dead wife).
We're really excited to be doing this, particularly because we get to do it together. Can you believe we haven't performed together since we've been married: over five years! P.S. They called us!


Bethany said...

I wish we could see this. I'm excited for you both.

Sayyadina said...

We'll tape it for you!

Tristan and Nicole said...

We are there! it's our favorite musical! That's so cool! We want front row!