Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Enter a world where time no longer exists:

This is my best friend. She is also my cousin by marriage, but I prefer the former distinction. This is how I feel around my friend. You can see why we are friends.
Basically, we are kindred spirits in the truest sense. I wax poetic when I think about how much I love her.

And to escape ridicule from those who find my poetic-ness archaic, I will just say my simple thoughts.
I love my best friend.
I sincerly admire my best friend.
I am so proud of my best friend.
I feel only gratitude that she and I have been brought together on this earth to do good for and with one another.
I am grateful to our husbands. We use many minutes talking to eachother. We drive many miles to see eachother. We cry together. We giggle like schoolgirls. We are silly together. We are incredibly serious together. the rollercoaster of our being is sometimes hard on our spouses, and I am grateful that they see our desire to be together, and that our friendship produces great good.
I wish I lived closer to my best friend.
I like to defend my best friend.
Simplest is best. I just love her so much. So much that I needed to share.


tiggermama said...
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tiggermama said...
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tiggermama said...

Aww! Girl, you are so sweet, I could just eat you up! What more can I say, you just said it all so well? I LOVE YOU! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! I feel like breaking into the song, "All I need is LOVE!"

Bethany said...

2 Beautiful women!