Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sayyadina and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day

The other day was dumb. Not because of anything in particular (save having gotten up with a yowling Rivulet 5 or6 times during the night, and therefore receiving little in the way of restorative sleep). It was just not the most upbeat of days.

Bairdo went to school. Rivulet and I walked down to get him and we played in the grass on the walk home. We had lunch. Rivulet threw a fit (something haveing to do with Ice Age) and I finally decided that although I reserved my homemade popsicles for the evenings when I could savour them in private, I had to get these children QUIET!

Popsicle bribery isn't a proud profession, but it is a common one. (Take a moment to note the picture below, for this is the sort of popsicle mold I was using.)

Rivulet sat contentedly with her popsicle of Apple Juice and watched Nemo with Bairdo sucking away on his similar ice treat. I retreated into the office to munch away on my peach-apple popsicle. After a while, Lemur brought in the remnants of his and went on his way, happy as a lark in a glen.

Rivulet soon after followed suit and brought in hers, barely touched, and handed it over to me. Well, as I said, it had been a stupid sort of day. So I set about to eating hers, though I had just finished one of my own. Popsicle eating is a comforting sort of work. As my brother says, "Nothing brightens my day like a delicious, refreshing popsicle."

As I made it to the last two bites, I looked down at the bowl above the stick and was met by eight coal black eyes masked in death.

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen of my blogging community, I was tongue to face with a frozen dead spider!

I will here take a moment to express the willies that overtook my entire body: I could not even scream. It was an eerie sort of calm, where I felt that my heart had simply stopped beating. The fear and the horror clasped tight my bosom and my mind countered with absolute numbness.

I still cringe and fidget inside when thinking of the curled and frozen corpse, it's lifeless while still malevolent eyes stairing straight on into eternity.


There, Desertbound. No more "First day of School" blogs!

I think I may have gone a little insane.

P.S. The title of this post is actualy the title of a childrens book. can anyone tell me what the original name in the title was?


WildBound said...

I screamed for you.

Fedaykin said...

Goo! That's some descriptive prose woven like saidar into flows of creepifying dread. Again I say, goo!

Anna Elledge said...

It's totally grover!!! That is really gross by the way. I will now be examining every homemade popsicle from here on out.

stacy said...

can i just tell you how much i enjoying reading your blog. what a way with words you me we still need to get together!

Justin said...

Of course, I know the name of one of the greatest books in CHILDRENS literaure: "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" - by Judith Voirst
I have a copy if anyone would like to read it. Bottom line: Alexander decides that there are days when he'd rather just go to AUSTRALIA! I agree.

Thanks so much for updating your blog. I've been patiently waiting to see Liam's first day of school. Love'em. He holds so much excitement for adventure in his eyes. Adorable.

As usual, your stories make me smile ... spider-cicle and all!
Little T.

Tristan said...


Desertbound said...
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Melanie said...

I have this crazy sense of Ann of Green Gables when I read your words and brings back great memories of talking to you!