Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tearful firsts

Captain Bairdo on his first day of School!The morning my son began school heralded all things associated with it: fall, excitement, fear, fun and adventure. I mad him a pencil can before he woke up and started crying. I had to take deep cleansing breaths just to get through breakfast. He dressed himself in shorts and then asked for a coat. I dressed Rivulet, who also required a coat. While putting on his "super shoes," I quizzed him on all the important information:
"Who do you go home with?"
"Only Mom!"
"Do you take anything from strangers?"
"Neva!" (Never.)
And so went our exchange. We even picked a password. I scrambled to get all his paperwork and donations for snacks and all that . . .All in all, I was in such a flutter I nearly forgot to snap his first school morning picture! I had to unlock the house and fetch the camera while Rivulet waited in the stroller.

All my worries were for naught, however. For once we got to the school, he was truly his Captain Bairdo persona. He fearlessly went straight to his classroom, hung up his back pack, got out his things and sat down in his seat (being able to read his desk tag!)
He waved at me and yelled, "I love you mom!" He seemed ready to move on.
So I turned to stroll Rivulet back out into the September chill.
And I could hear him behind me, excitedly telling another student, "I'm going to learn how to read!" What mother could be prouder?
He never looked back, though I did. Rivulet didn't cry. But I did.
Speaking of firsts, Yesterday we bought and built Rivulet a "big girl bed." This is her sleeping in it. Like the cottage lamp? It's mine. My mom bought it for me when I was fourteen. And now: Peace like a River.


Fedaykin said...

What a stud.

tiggermama said...

Bless your Heart! What a fun filled & mixed emotional few days! It's so exciting for River to have her very own big girl bed! It looks Wonderful! I love the night light personal touch! Captain Bairdo looks so Sweet and ready to conquer! I get teary eyed just thinking of it! ;-)

Anna Elledge said...

The best part of your story is the coats!! We are still in the 100's here. I wish we needed a coat. Liam will be so great in school!!

WildBound said...

I wish I could watch him in school...watch him say to his teacher, "Freeze! Stand there like a statue...listen carefully..."

Ah! What a cute kid!

stacy said...

what big girls we are...our little ones made it to their first day of school with only a few tears shed. we are definalty growing up!
what a big girl you have on your hands...a big girl bed. can't wait for that with ky, she is learning how to climb out of her crib, so it looks like we won't be far behind you!
lets get together and cook dinner. and we still need to do lunch with alex. call me!

Desertbound said...
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