Wednesday, December 10, 2008


What? You didn't post our Halloween pictures?! Mawwwm! Enter Indiana Jones (below) jiving to the music in his very first Halloween Parade. He was one of six of that character, but easily the best looking.

And here is Quasimodo . . . I mean . . . Rivulet impatiently waiting for her brother to prance and parade.

Lemur's class in full Hallow's Eve regalia!

Jones. Indiana Jones.

And I just thought this costume was funny. 100% recycled. Hah!


CowboyBob said...

I wish kids would never lose their imaginations. The fun adults are those who did not.

BeautyFul said...
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BeautyFul said...

Sorry, that last deleted one was by me. Let's just say I am my worst critic...!

Anyways... I want you to visit my blog... and hope it's okay I frequent yours!

Sure love ya!