Friday, December 12, 2008

The highest compliment

"Prince of Overall Wisdom:
"My eternal gratitude to you for having transmuted into an endureing asset of priceless value, all of my past failures, defeats, errors of judgement and of deed, all fears, mistakes, disappointments and adversities of every nature; the asset consisting of my willingness and ability to inspire others to take possession of their own minds and to use their mind-power for the attainment of the riches of life, thus providing me with the privilege of sharing all of my blessings with those who are ready to receive them and thereby enriching and multiplying my own blessings by the scope of their benefit to others.
"My gratitude to you also for revealing to me the truth that no human experience need become a liability; that all experiences may be transmuted into useful service; that the power of thought is the only power over which I have complete congtrol; that the power of thought my be translated into happiness at will; that there are no limitations to my power of thought save only those which I set up in my own mind."
"So when adversity overtakes me, as it overtakes everyone, I am not awed by it, but I begin immediately to search for that "sed of an equivalent benefit" and to germinate it into a full-blown flower of opportunity."
~Napolean Hill, "The Master Key to Riches"
While reading this aloud to Muad'Dib who was playing with my hair, he interrupted me and said, "You do that."
"I do what?"
"Aren't you even listening to what you are reading?"
"Read it again."
I advise you to read it again as well. I'll wait.
"Wow. You think I do that?!"
"Don't you?"
And that is the highest compliment I have been paid in a long time.

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