Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I sort of hate to ask it, but

Do you have a basket? These are "Heart Shaped Honey Rolls." They are as delicious as they look. And not as sweet as they sound. Very good with Coldwater Canyon Elderberry jelly. And here is what my kitchen looked like after the whirlwind called "Baking" came and destroyed it's otherwise peaceful exterior.

And still: it was worth it!!!
Baking/Cooking is one of my new therapys. So if anyone is hungry, come on over: 99.9% of the time, I am up for cooking and feel better after doing so!


Fedaykin said...

Don't have to tell me once. Do you take requests?

Desertbound said...

Dang! Those are beautiful rolls. I like to cook/bake also. I wish I had more time to do it and less picky people to feed...

Sayyadina said...

AMEN! Lemur and Rivulet both are pretty picky. Lemur only likes single taste things, and Rivulet demands full dishes with variance of flavor in every bite.

So I just bake for me and Muad'Dib, and try to give away what we don't eat ourselves, content for the feeling making it gave me.

Tristan said...

I like to eat it eat it eat it
I like to eat it eat it eat it
I like to eat it eat it eat it
I like to . . .eat it!

CowboyBob said...

I like to bake bread and chocolate eclairs from scratch.