Sunday, March 9, 2008

My skin is not my own.

Last night I briefly lived the law of consecration.

And by briefly I mean for about three hours.

What I had, I submitted to the Lord and gave freely to my brother, as My Father saw fit. As the gift was a gift given to me, I was able - after actively making it holy - to share with a brother who did not possess the same gift, but who was able to benefit from it.

I retain the gift. I maintain stewardship over it. And by recognizing the times when the gift is needed by others, I exercise stewardship by either denying the experience or saying to My Father, "I submit to Your will."

How great was this exchange! Now that I have had this experience so fully - so completely undeniable was the difference! - now I have the opportunity to discern other times when this or other gifts can be or may be beneficial to be consecrated, shared and thereby multiplied.

There have been times when others have shared their gifts with me, to benefit me.

So is this how it feels to give in all the areas of consecration. Time? Talents? Worldly goods? Will it each time feel like this? Like my soul is too full to be contained by this mortal coil?

This experience also re infuses the belief that my body is a good body. And. I am not my body. Measuring my being by my body - appearance or physical feeling - is to use a tool that cannot possibly hold the marvelous contents. It is a truth that must needs stand up against my earth-learned habit of constant physical evaluation.

We each of us have ways of measuring ourselves. By accomplishment, by "righteousness", by monetary success, by the number of people who love us, by the size and shape of our bodies, by the color of our hair, by the cleanliness of our house, by our ability to arrive at a place or goal by a consigned time or date.


I have so much to think about. This is all I have to say about it.


Muad'Dib said...

I think you should re-examine the experience. That Exchange Creates Wealth is definately not a heavenly principle. *Wink*

Good job, hun.

Fedaykin said...

Its a good thing your spirit is restrained under opaque flesh, or you'd fry our retnas.

Tristan said...

I like your writing, thank you for sharing your talent with me.