Monday, March 10, 2008

Let's play Global Thermo-Nuclear War . . .

This morning I very efficiently made breakfast for my children and brought a breakfast of cereal, sliced oranges and Carnation Instant Breakfast up to my husband who was sitting at the computer engrossed in his morning electronics fix. I handed him his food, which he greeted with an appreciative noise.
"We have to leave soon," he said, seeing me prepare for a shower.
He gave me a disbelieving look, "You think you and the kids can be ready in twenty five minutes?"
"Uh, yeah!" I replied with confidence and a peck of snide.
He grunted his unbelief, and I in return rose to take up my defence.
"Hey!" His eyes widened under my sudden (though minor) change in tone, "I got up all lickity split, and flipped on the Good Wife switch this morning. I brought you breakfast, buddy! So be happy!"
As I swiftly exited the room, I heard him call after me, "Then can you break off the Bad Wife Switch?"

Come to think of it,the Bad Wife behavior of which he speaks is more like a thermo-nuclear explosion than a switch, being as it takes time and varying experiences to gain full strength. After which the trigger can be hit, or turned, and then the man (or children) are left to suffer in the fall out.
What I mean is, I was examining this idea. I was trying to take my husband's advice, because - really - it is good advice. I shouldn't have a BW Switch. And in thinking it out (trying to discover where it was, as it were) it came to me that GW can be there in a moment, by choosing to. Very much like flipping a switch (anyone who has watched Bree on Desperate Housewives knows what I mean). BW is built up and added to moment after moment until she is triggered.

So does that mean I must remove the trigger? Or that I must systematically remove the buildup before it has a chance to be triggered at all? A trigger is harmless with no explosive behind it.

Great. Now I have MORE to think about.

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