Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dinner at Mountain Road Ranch

Anyone curious as to what transpires during a typical dinner at the Mountain Road Ranch? Well, beware, ye of non-Nelson lineage - for the conversation is deep, rarely murky, but full of unexpected laughs.
~What were we before "intelligences?"
~When is it appropriate, if ever, to skinny dip?
~Was the sacrifice of Jesus altruistic?
~What does "altruistic" mean?
~Self-interest vs. Selfishness
~Is there exchange in "heaven?"
~Being complete
~Euphamisms for skinny dipping (we always seemed to come back to this concept of floating naked in some water feature or other!)
~Euphamisms for everything else.
~Pushing Buttons
~"Chelsea is so cute!"

There was also alot of quiet giggling and girlish slapping between Wildbound and Muad'Dib. Weird to see those two as siblings. I can barely imagine them sharing a childhood . . . of course, if they never sat in a back seat pulling faces until the other laughed so hard they were crying (in complete silece so as not to get in trouble) I'm not sure it can be called a "childhood."

I was - in turns - in awe of the thoughts and questions of these people, and shocked by their more colorful comments. So in the end I can say, the dinner was good, the conversation was great and the company was fantastic.


Wildbound said...

Never a dull moment, that's for sure...

desertbound said...

Haven't had a good chat like that one in a while. Fun stuff.

CowboyBob said...

We're nothing if not eclectic.

Fedaykin said...

Intelligences? Atonement? Skinny dipping?! I hereby renounce all connections, associations, relations, and filial ties. As an orphan I humbly beg petition for entrance and adoption into the clan.

Sayyadina said...

i will speak to the chief clansmen on your behalf, perhaps I can sponsor your adoption. Seriously, I'll see if I can't get you invited for a Sunday dinner sometime soon! Silly little Fedaykin.