Thursday, June 21, 2007

Learning is Fun

Today we celebrated Muad'Dib's day off with a trip to the Logan Aquatic Center with Wildbound, Wildman and the four kidlets. Highlights include:

~Muad'dib skipping across the top of the pool using the momentum of the "fast" waterslide.

~Wildman skipping all the way across the pool using the selfsame momentum.

~Rivulet discovering that she could touch the water.

~Lemur testing the waters of the "big person" pool and exclaiming, "It's like the lake!" He was right, that water was freezing!

~Rivulet diving out of her floaty chair, trying to be a big girl.

~Watching my children laugh and play in the water.

~Teaching Lemur some basics of swimming. I had forgotten how great it feels to spend quality
time with my son. We laughed so much, even when he got water in his eyes.

~Playing "Squint" with Wildman and Wildbound. A rematch is requested.

~Figuring out that the only way to get Lemur home was to bribe him with seeing Crouching, Tiger, Hidden, Dragon and Ninja.

And to top it all off, our children came home without a single spot of red on their lily-white bodies. If only I could say that for me and Muad'Dib, who had to slather eachother with aloe when we got home. Red as the day is long!

Thanks for the day, W&W!!

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Wildbound said...

Ouch. We all got a touch of sun, and I kept applying sunscreen....I think it kept getting washed off-- of all of us. We didn't wait for it to "set" before going in the water. My shoulders and back are quite ouchy, the kids will just be tan tomorrow. I'm so glad you guys came up! Next time we'll come down...and rematch games and stuff. We love you guys!