Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Here's more of Lake Powell. Neopolitan Rock. Dreampacker and I spent a good deal of the trip "in" rock gazing. And naming, in DP's case.
Michex was a doll and took my son swimming the moment he got his Deigo LJ on. Not fifteen minutes later he was blue and shaking all over saying, "I not cold. I'm going swimming!" as I pullled him from the water. After warming up, he was more careful about going back in. Poor low-body-fat boy
And this is an example of a parent protecting their child so much, the child has no fun.
Who loves Grandma? RIVER DOES!!!
Lemur climbing into the house boat.
DreamPacker and Trailblazer taking thier first wave-runner ride. Now if only Dreampacker didn't "wobble" so much . . .

Captain Matt and Peter taking Lemur, Pocketmouse and NAM for a ride in the raft while the other adults were still braving the wilds of Willow Creek. And by "the wilds" I mean the rocks in their sandals. Desertbound, Mayflower, Michex and Mark taming the huge log that floated onto our beach. Neither Dreampacker or I had seen it coming . . . the log or the taming.

Morning in Iceberg Canyon. I'd had a dream that last night that Lemur had swum out to this very tree, was perched in it eating cookies and saying, "I'm not going home."


Bethany said...

Love the one of River in the floaty boat. Too funny.
How did your hubby do seeing pics of his kids with "nature all over them"?

Sayyadina said...

He said wistfully, "I want to ride a jet-ski at 7 am." He wishes he could have been there. Me too.