Monday, June 25, 2007

My Kidlets in Lake Powell

Everyone else has done a fantastic job of documenting LP. But here are three pics that HAVE to appear on my blog. Pictures by DreamPacker (I think). for more, see Dreampacker, Wildbound and Desertbound.

Me and Rivulet. She had been very grumpy the last evening in Willow Gulch so I took her out to really experience the slickrock and lake - minus the life jacket. She ate a rock and splashed a tasty piece of jetsom into her mouth, but look how happy she is! Here is my morning ride with Lemur. I took it very slow with him that morning, and he just looked around - not feeling quite safe. It wasn't until Iceberg on the last evening that he was yelling, "Mom, we have to run faster!!!!" and sqealing with glee as we sped across the waters. I loved hearing his little voice, "Mom I have a great idea!"
That is a Life Moment. My arms wrapped around his to control the Runner, supporting him with my legs, I felt his utter trust in me. We raced from one place to another and he always trusted me. This was something that we shared together that we couldn't have shared any other way. Thanks, Kevin!

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Wildbound said...

I love the joy and joyness...