Friday, July 20, 2007

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Secret Garden is coming along nicely. We did our first real run through with everyone there last night. Granted, we rehearsed in an oven, but the run still went pretty well. Next week we start doing run throughs every night . . . and the week after: dress rehearsals. The kids have been great so far. We either have them outside with us or in the A/C of the green room. They usually spend thier time charming the other cast members, playing, watching a movie on the portable DVD player or learning to walk. Muad'Dib and I basically take turns with Rivulet, being as we are on stage at the same time only twice, and they are both at the end of the show.
Well, here's a look at what we've been doing:
Muad'Dib and Sally singing "Girl in the Valley" in the ampitheater. FYI, the seats you see are reserved seats, but you can also bring blankets and camp chairs opting to sit on the grass behind the chairs.

This is the only pic we have of me. I'm admiring the "dull purple sea" aka, the moor; trying to convice Mary that it's a good idea to go outside and play.
Then here is Muad'Dib singing "Someone's Crying," with Sally in the backround.
So, there it is. An update. I have been told that tickets are $12 for adults and $9 for children and seniors (children being 3-11 yrs), and are currently on sale if you call the DAC or visit the web page @ We will have at least eight complimentary tickets for the show. They will go to those willing to watch the kids either the week before or week of performances. So if you'd like a free ticket just remember this: Exchange creates wealth!


Bethany said...

Wish we could see it. (sniff sniff) Thanks for sharing.

Tristano said...

We're there, maybe more than once . . . .