Monday, July 9, 2007

Dinner and a show . . .

Dinner at the Mountain Road Ranch on the last day of B&B's trip. A few clips of the evening, though there are more pics, if anyone wants them.
Almost what I envisioned. I love feeling beautiful.
This is called a "Gibson Tuck". The hair, I mean, not the fencing jab ( as seen below)
Muad'Dib imparts his sword-fighting wisdom; advising Wildbound and BigBlue to take a fencing stance, not come charging all willy-nilly like they would with a broadsword.
Very Good, my young Padawan . . .

Aren't these Nelson women beautiful?!

And the Clansmen all handsome, rugged and brave?

Pick a little, talk a little. Some kids were content with pea picking, while others were found in the orchard, having adorned themselves in apricot "war paint."

Who loves Wildbound? WILDMAN!

Rock and NatureGirl share a moment of not-so-private mirth during the game . . .
Where else can you hear things like, "Trailblazer, are you Jane Eyre," "Justin are you "Ave Maria," or
"Bethany, are you Stargirl?" She is, by the way.


CowboyBob said...

Your pictures and comments are priceless. Thanks.

desertbound said...

Oh my goodness! And I really mean GOODNESS. You are a fab photographer. I love your perspective.

WildBound said...

YOU. YOU are an awesomehead. Sweet photos and commentary. So love it.