Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A gift

Monday was rough. I woke up with inexplicable pain, which has tormented me for the past few days, in my wrists, ankles and lower back. I lost my glasses at North Shore on Saturday, so had eye over-exhurtion pain in my head.

Muad'Dib went to work like a good little boy and I tried to positively face the day which would consist of cleaning my horribly cluttered and disarrayed home. We recently rented a storage facility so I could feel like I had more "living space." So for the past few days I had been cleaning out our closets of the more seasonal use items (seasonal also meaning "when a baby is little"). This, despite making more closet space, made less floor space because do you know what I found? LOTS OF JUNK!

It was every where. Junk in our files (from like, before we were married), in my drawers, in pockets of old jeans.

At the end of my rope and at the edge of sanity I tearfully call my neices. And guess what? Two of them came running to my aid. For an hour and a half, Michex and Mayflower took Lemur and Rivulet for a walk to the park. I was able to clean every room of my home while they were gone. There are not words capable of describing how grateful I was and am. My sanity saved, I offer gratitude to my wonderful neices. Thank you, you gave me a better day.


CowboyBob said...

junk in your drawers? . . . mine fit too well for that. How do you get it in, and what kind of junk? Sounds like kinky fun to try.

Sayyadina said...

Ummm, I think you missed the point. Or did you?