Monday, July 23, 2007


Saturday night we went over to a friend's house for dinner with 3 other couples. Beginning the night with 6, the number swelled to double that by the end of the evening as others made their way over for fire-crisped marshmallows, many varieties of dessert and the occasional muscle testing.

I grilled the fish while Lemur played with toy guns and grownup buddies, and while Rivulet pulled up grass by her father's feet. Muad'Dib was engrossed in the many conversations to be had, be it with Fedaykin or any of the other stimulating minds we were in company with us that night.

After a brief fiasco with setting the fish on fire, we all sat around the picnic table and ate the Korean pickles (super yum), tasted each others offerings of meat, and sampled the salads. Some were able to taste Sangrea for the first time. Loved it. Rivulet took to eating fish like . . . a bigger fish eating smaller fish. Having downed half of Muad'Dib's slab, she dove for mine and made quite a dent there, as well, despite the occasional bone I had to spirit away from her mouth at the last second.

Then it turned windy for a while. Not the weather, but the conversation. With Muad'Dib in the mix, who can guess the topic that stirred up the table?

Capitalism, Consecration, Socialism, Monopolies, Paradigms, Assumptions, definitions of all these and more.
Poor self-proclaimed Socialist Sally.

Everyone knows how wound up I get when talking about . . . um anything really, but mainly spiritual matters: particularly with Trailblazer.

This was just like that. In fact, I can now understand why he so enjoys pushing my buttons: the reactions are monumentally fulfilling.

After recognizing that a full discussion could not be had until we all understood the "correct" definitions of these words that were flying around the table like friendly fire around a confused battlefield, we adjourned to the fire pit and the bags of fluffy corn syrup that awaited roasting.

Once there, the conversation persisted for only a few moments - and mainly between Muad'Dib and SS. In the meantime, the rest of us were laughing, conversing and marshmallow toasting until my husband and I had to convince our son to eat something.

The sun was setting behind the hill to the west, and as we were in a valley, night came a bit swifter then normal. But warmed by the fire and the company, we all remained content in the particularly interesting backyard provided by our lovely host.

And then, I can't remember what actually got us on the subject, though I think it had something to do with a little black pouch hanging around my neck. And before I knew it, there was energy/muscle testing happening on the lawn around the fire pit. Using my LOL pouch, I was able to demonstrate to one, then a few, then to nearly all the affect that an outside source can have on your energy.

It was awesome!

In fact, for one friend, this was the first she had heard of "energy" and all that. It was awesome. Did I say that already?

Others arrived just at that point, and we headed inside for some delicious desserts. Ever more friends entered the scene and I remembered what was meant by "the more the merrier." If we were "merry" before, surely we were "merrier" after the addition.

And then the night drew to a close, for us: the ones with the kidlets who required bed. And though we left, I'm sure, hours before any of the others even considered vacating the premises, I can say with satisfaction that we left happy. It makes me grateful that last year at this time I "let" Muad'Dib audition for and perform in a little play called The Scarlet Pimpernel. For these friendships are a product of that production. So worth it!

It was awesome!
Seriously, did I say that already?


WildBound said...

Sweet. That's so cool that you had such a great and stimulating time. A few pricklings of envy, have I.

CowboyBob said...

Aren't friends golden? I'll push more buttons any time you want.

Fedaykin said...

Awesome does not begin to describe the relaxing-value-creating-soul-knittings. I ate too many charred corn syrup puffs though. I could go for a cheddar brat at the moment... These event types must become more prevalent. I was pondering the LOL. If we (by we I mean you) can determine (by determine I mean discern) what type of goodies are in the bag, then what is to stop us from rock hounding a little stash? A little stash that would be not really expensive. Is there special treatment associated with such things or simply their existence? Thankyou x10 for the invite.